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Verbs I tthru M

French Infinitives starting with I, K, L, M

Identifier To identify
Ignorer To be unaware of
Illuminer To light up, illuminate
Illustrer To illustrate
Imaginer To imagine
Imiter To imitate
Immigrer To immigrate
Implorer To implore
Importer To matter
Imposer To impose
Impressionner To impress
Imprimer To print, imprint
Inciter To encourage, prompt, incite
Incliner To tilt; to be inclined to
Inclure To include
Incorporer To incorporate
Indiquer To indicate
Induire To induce, infer
Infecter To infect
Inférer To infer
Infliger To inflict
Influencer To influence
Informer To inform
Initier To initiate
Inonder To flood, inundate
Inquiéter To worry, concern, trouble, nag
Inscrire To write down, register, enroll
Insinuer To insinuate
Insister To insist
Inspecter To inspect
Inspirer To inspire
Installer To set up, get settled
Instruire To instruct
Insulter To insult
Interdire To forbid, prohibit, ban
Intéresser To interest
Interpréter To interpret
Interroger To interrogate
Interrompre To interrupt
Intervenir To intervene
Intimider To intimidate
Introduire To introduce
Invalider To invalidate
Inventer To invent
Inviter To invite
Invoquer To invoke
Irriter To irritate
Isoler To isolate; to insulate
Jaillir To spurt out, spout, gush
Jalonner To line, stretch along, stake out
Jardiner To garden
Jaser To chat, gossip, prattle
Jaunir To turn yellow
Jeter To throw
Jeûner To fast
Joindre To join
Jouer To play
Jouir To enjoy, climax
Juger To judge
Jurer To swear, vow
Justifier To justify
Kidnapper To kidnap
Kifer (Familiar) to enjoy, get a kick out of, like, fancy
Kiffer Alternate spelling of Kifer
Klaxonner To honk
Labourer To plow, till, furrow
Lâcher To loosen, release, slacken
Laisser To leave, let
Lamenter (se) To lament
Lancer To throw
Laver To wash
Lécher To lick
Lever To lift
Libérer To liberate, free
Lier To bind, link, tie
Limer To file (nails)
Limiter To limit
Lire To read
Livrer To deliver
Loger To lodge
Longer To border, to go along
Louer To rent
Luire To shine, gleam, glisten
Lutter To struggle, wrestle
Mâcher To chew
Maigrir To lose weight
Maintenir To maintain
Malmener To manhandle, be rough
Maltraiter To mistreat, walk alongside
Mandater To appoint, commission
Manger To eat
Manier To handle; to use, wield
Manifester To show, indicate, express
Manipuler To manipulate
Manquer To miss, be lacking
Maquiller To put make-up on someone
Marchander To bargain, haggle
Marcher To walk; to function
Marier To marry
Marquer To mark, indicate
Marteler To hammer, pound
Mastiquer To chew; to putty, fill
Méconnaître To be unaware of, ignore, underestimate
Médire To malign, detract, slander
Méditer To meditate
Méfier (se) To mistrust
Mélanger To mix, blend, compound
Mêler To blend, mingle, meddle
Menacer To threaten
Ménager To handle carefully, begrudge
Mendier To beg for
Mener To lead, conduct, run
Mentionner To mention
Mentir To tell a lie, fib
Méprendre To mistake
Mépriser To scorn, despise
Mériter To merit
Mesurer To measure
Mettre To put
Meubler To furnish
Mirer To mirror, reflect
Modeler To model, shape, mold
Modérer To moderate
Moderniser To modernize
Modifier To modify
Moduler To modulate, inflect, adjust
Moissonner To harvest, reap
Monter To climb, mount, fit, assemble
Montrer To show, indicate, exhibit
Moquer (se) To mock
Mordre To bite, nip
Moucher (se) To blow one's nose
Moudre To mill, grind, pulverize
Mouiller To wet, rain, anchor
Mourir To die, become extinct
Multiplier To multiply
Munir To provide, fit, equip
Murmerer To murmer
Mystifier To mystify
Impliquer To imply; to implicate
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