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Chapter 2 Vocab

Jay's Social Studies

urban relating to city or cities
silt a mixture of bits of rocks and soil carried or deposited by water
plateau a high flat of land
drought a long time with little or no rain
aiiuviai plain a land formed from fine soils deposited by rivers
irrigation the use of connected ditches, canals, dams, and dikes to move water to dry areas
tributary a branch of a river
civilization a centralized society with developed forms of religion, ways, of governing, and learning
authority the right to command or influence
technology the skills and knowledge to meet products or meet goals
surplus an extra supply
ziggurat a huge mud brick temple build by the ancient Sumerians
merchant a person who buys and sells goods to make a living
government a system used to make laws and discussions
social class a group that has a particular amount of importance in a society
city-state a city and its surrounding farmland, with its own leaders and government
scribe a person who writes
monarchy the system of government in which a king or queen rules
innovation a new way of doing things
Created by: kmanning
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