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Think pink Ch.4

Chapter 4 Social Studies

What did the Sumerians do to maintain their irrigation systems? They had to cooperate with one another
Some villages grew so large which resulted in what? They became towns
Some of the towns grew so large which resulted in what? They became their own cities with their own government
Population increased and there wasn't enough food so people moved south to a river valley what is now known as what? Sumer
Sumer used to be what? A River Valley
People from many villages had to take care of the irrigation systems and keep them working by ____________? Cooperating
Why were sumerian settlements called city-states? Each settlement had its own ruler and farmland
what did silt do to the irrigation systems and fields? It clogged them up
What was one of the last problems the sumerians faced? Attacks from neighboring communities
What did sumerians do to protect them from attacks? Built walls made of mud bricks and moats around their cities
What did the most and mud walls do to the sumerians? Protected them from attacks
Sumerians created irrigation systems with dams, and reservoirs to do what? store water for later use
What is the land located between 2 rivers? Mesopotamia
A levee is a mud wall used to do what? Keep a river under control and prevent floods
What did Sumerians do in time of drought, when water supply was uncontrollable? They learned to control the water with levees, canals, and dams
Irrigation has been use by humans in order to supply their lands wit water for how many years? For Thousands of years
What happened after the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flooded? They left fertile soil behind which was made for the perfect soil for growing crops
Sumer was a low, flat land with little rainfall for what? farming
The farms depended on the irrigation system and ______ ______ to water the crops. Spring floods
Created by: MeghanKea16
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