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Qtr 1 Final review


Thomas Jefferson First secretary of state who believed in strong state and local governments
George Washington Commander of the Patriot forces during the Revolutionary War. First President of the US
Dred Scott A Missouri slave sued for his freedom, claiming that his 4 year stay in the northern portion of the Louisiana Territory had made him a free man. The US Supreme Court decided he could not sue in federal court because he was property, not a citizen
Jefferson Davis An American statesman and politician who served as President of the Confederate States of America for its entire history from 1861 - 1865
Robert E. Lee One of the most brilliant military commanders of all time. He was the most famous generals of the Civil War. (Southern)
Ulysses S. Grant He was an American general the 18th President of the United States from 1869 - 1877. He achieved international fame as the leading Union general in the American Civil War.
Andrew Carnegie immigrated to the U.S. from Scotland and established some of the first monopolies in the U.S. Steel Works. Believed in Free Market economy
Thomas Edison One of the most prolific inventors in U.S. history. He invented the phonograph, light bulb, electric battery, mimeograph and moving picture.
J.P. Morgan Banker who buys out Carnegie Steel and renames it to U.S. Steel. Was a philanthropist in a way; he gave all the money needed for WWI and was payed back. Was one of the "Robber barons"
John D. Rockefeller he used vertical integration to make his company--Standard Oil-- more competitive.
W.E.B. DuBois First Black PHD (doctorate) graduate from Harvard. Disagreed with Washington’s gradual approach to equality. Founded Niagara movement and believed blacks should seek liberal arts education so the African American community would have well-educated leaders
Booker T. Washington a prominent African American educator who believed that racism would end once blacks acquired useful labor skills and proved their economic value to society. He supported a patient approach to equality
Boss Tweed Leader in NYC, Tammany Hall, defrauds city of millions of dollars. Public Outrage after cartoon brings it to attention
Jane Addams One of the most influential members of Social Gospel Movement which established Settlement Houses (Hull House 1889)
Scalawag Southern Republicans who were considered traitors for helping the North
Carpetbagger Uncomplimentary name for a Northerner who went to the South after the war
Puritans were very religious, strict and superstitious
Created by: PLHShistory1
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