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ST pts indications

CAM-Acu-ST pts indications differentiation

facial paralysis, night blindness ST 1
redness, swelling, pain of the eye ST 1,2
Lacrimation ST 1,8
twitching of eyelids ST 1,2,3,4,
Itching of eyes ST 2
swelling of lips ST 3
salivation ST 4
trismus ST 5,6,
toothache ST 5,6,7,44,45
mumps ST 6
swelling of face ST 6,45
deafness, motor impairment of leg and knee, otorrhea, tinnitus ST 7
blurring of vision, ophthalmalgia, ST 8
headache ST 8,40,41
flushing of face ST 9
goiter ST 9,11
sore throat ST 9,10,11,12
hiccup ST 11,13,36
pain and rigidity of neck ST 11
pain in the supraclavicular fossa ST 12
fullness in the chest ST 13,14,15,16
pain in the hypochondrium ST 13,16
fullness and pain in the costal region ST 15
insufficient lactation ST 18
anorexia ST 19,20,21,22
irritability ST 23
indigestion ST 23,36
pain around umbilicus ST 25
hernia ST 26-30
dysuria ST 27
low abdominal distension ST 27,28
retention of urine, sterility ST 28
amenorrhea, leucorrhea ST 29
impotence, pain and swelling of external genitalia ST 30
pain in the thigh ST 31
coldness of knee, pain in the lumbar and iliac region, ST 32
motor impairment, numbness, soreness of leg and knee ST 33
aching of knee joint and knee, apoplexy, emaciation due to general deficiency, hemiplegia, insomnia, ST 36
enteritis ST 36,37
paralysis due to stroke ST 37
muscular atrophy and motor impairment of foot ST 38,42
pain and motor impairment of SHOULDER, weakness and motor impairment of foot ST 38
backache reffering to the testis, low abdominal pain ST 39
epilepsy, vertigo ST 40,41
excessive sputum, swelling of lower extremities ST 40
pain of the ankle joint ST 41
pain of upper teeth ST 42
redness and swelling of dorsum of the foot ST 42,43,44
facial edema or general edema ST 43
acid regurgitation ST 44
hoarse voice, dream-disturbed sleep, coldness of leg and foot ST 45
only 1 point for phlegm ST 40
avoid artery ST 5,9,12,42
Jing well pt ST 45
Ying Spring pt ST 44
Shu Stream pt ST 43
Yuan primary pt ST 42
Jing River pt ST 41
Luo connecting pt ST 40
Lower He Sea pt of SI ST 39
Lower He Sea pt of LI ST 37
He Sea pt ST 36
Xi Cleft pt ST 34
Front Mu of LI ST 25
Created by: sbusbu