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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
CAM-Extra points ACU-Extra points indications (CAM) Acupuncture 2019-03-14 sbusbu 43 14 edit
CAM-Extra pts ACU-Extra pts locations (CAM) Acupuncture 2019-05-17 sbusbu 40 6 edit
CAM-CV indications ACU-CV indications (CAM) Acupuncture 2008-12-03 sbusbu 65 3 edit
CAM-GV indications ACU-GV indications (CAM) Acupuncture 2013-05-11 sbusbu 48 3 edit
ACU-extra pts method ACU-Extra Pts Methods (CAM) Acupuncture 2008-12-04 sbusbu 39 1 edit
ACU-brief GV pts ACU-GV brief indication (CAM) Acupuncture 2008-12-04 sbusbu 31 1 edit
ACU-brief CV pts ACU-Brief CV indications (CAM) Acupuncture 2008-12-04 sbusbu 38 1 edit
ACU-brief Ren method ACU-Brief Ren method (CAM) Acupuncture 2008-12-04 sbusbu 13 1 edit
ACU-brief GV method ACU-brief GV method (CAM) Acupuncture 2008-12-04 sbusbu 9 1 edit
OMD-5 Elem Pattern OMD- 5 Element Pattern Identification Acupuncture 2019-10-22 sbusbu 20 9 edit
OMD-Zang Fu pattern OMD- Zang Fu pattern (Combined) I Acupuncture 2012-12-31 sbusbu 10 2 edit
OMD Causes of Pain OMD Interrogation: Pain (causes) Acupuncture 2009-01-13 sbusbu 8 1 edit
OMD Types of Pain OMD Interrogation: Pain (Types) Acupuncture 2009-01-13 sbusbu 20 1 edit
OMD Food&Taste OMD Interrogation: Food&Taste (Main patterns of digestive symptoms) Acupuncture 2009-01-13 sbusbu 11 1 edit
LU,LI,ST,SP,HT pts specific points for LU, LI, ST, SP, HT Acupuncture 2009-02-04 sbusbu 48 4 edit
ST pts indications CAM-Acu-ST pts indications differentiation Acupuncture 2018-04-03 sbusbu 64 3 edit
LU pts indication CAM-LU pts indication differentiation Acupuncture 2017-09-22 sbusbu 27 2 edit
HT pts indication CAM-Acu-HT pts indication differentiation Acupuncture 2009-02-05 sbusbu 22 1 edit
LI pts indication CAM-Acu-LI pts indication differentiation Acupuncture 2019-10-22 sbusbu 30 2 edit
SP pt indications CAM-Acu-SP pt indications differentiation Acupuncture 2009-02-05 sbusbu 38 1 edit
OM Diagnosis OM Diagnosis Deffentiation of Syndromes Acupuncture 2014-11-16 djraspberry 10 6 edit
A&E - GV A&E - GV Acupuncture 2007-05-28 jlc 27 4 edit
A&E - CV A&E - CV Acupuncture 2007-05-28 jlc 28 4 edit
Om DiagnosisC Differentiation of Spleen Acupuncture 2018-04-05 djraspberry 7 5 edit
Om DiagnosisC Deffirentiation of Kidney Acupuncture 2008-11-01 djraspberry 10 2 edit
om diagnosisC Differentiation of Heart Acupuncture 2015-01-23 djraspberry 10 7 edit
Om DiagnosisC Differentiation of Liver Acupuncture 2013-10-16 djraspberry 13 4 edit
Om DiagnosisC Differentiation of Lung Acupuncture 2015-01-23 djraspberry 9 7 edit
Points 3 REN Point Fx Acupuncture 2008-11-17 hchristiansen 18 3 edit

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