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Chapter 10

In Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, the ancient Greeks were portrayed as expert and fearless seafarers.
Minoan and Mycenaean societies? Both societies built palaces.
By "tyrants" the Greeks meant Ambitious politicians who gained power by irregular means.
Spartan life meant? Boys were taken away from their mothers for military training to make them become stronger
Athenian political leader? Pericles
How democratic was the Athenian democracy? All male citizens were qualified to join the city councils.
Between the mid-eighth and the late-sixth centuries B.C.E., the Greeks founded more than four hundred colonies along the shores of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The driving force behind this movement was primarily Population pressure.
what is NOT a consequence of Greek colonization? Disrupted trade and commerce.
The Delian League was created to...? Discourage further Persian invasions.
The Peloponnesian War was fought between Two groups of Greek adversaries under the leadership of Athens and Sparta.
The freedom and independence of the Greek poleis finally fell under Philip II, by 338 B.C.E.
Alexander's troops refused to go any further from home after they reached ________ in 327 B.C.E. India
what is NOT true with regard to Alexandria of Egypt? It was originally a colony of Athens.
The Greek peninsula was Ideal for cultivating olives and grapes.
Which of the following might you have witnessed in classical Greece? A woman accusing her husband of abandoning her newborn baby, but the court rejecting her petition A woman managing the family shop by herself after her husband's death Even the homosexual men of the community condemning a woman after he
Greek philosophy is often characterized as "rational" because It was based purely on human reason.
What is NOT one of Plato's ideas? The belief that only democracy could make the philosopher-king possible
The most respected and influential of the Hellenistic philosophers were The Stoics
According to Plato, Socrates' view of death was that No evil can happen to a good man either in life or after death
Which of the following is true of the religions of salvation in Hellenistic society? They promised the possibility of eternal bliss. The cult of Osiris became one of the most popular. Many included the belief in a savior who dies and is resurrected. Faith in them spread along the trade routes.
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