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Chap10 Cultures

Pre Civil War chapter

Popular Sovereignty People of territories decide slave or free question
Nativism movement attacking the rights of immigrants
Secessionist In favor of leaving the union
Annex join or attack
Free soilers Political Party wanted no slavery in new territories
Plantation large scale farms of south requiring slave labor
Immigration movement of people from one country to another to live
Emigration movement within a country ie east to west
Underground railroad network of safe homes for escaping slaves
Tariff Tax on imported goods
Manifest destiny believe in undeniable fate that US would exist from Atlantic to Pacific
John C Calhoun South Carolina politician called for secession
Henry Clay Great Compromiser responsible for Missouri and Great Compromises
Stephen Douglass Illinois Senator Kansas Nebraska Act
John C Fremont Hero of California in Mexican War
Zachary Taylor Old Rough and Ready Whig Pres died in office
Winfield Scot Old Fuss and Feathers ran for Pres
Roger Taney Supreme Court justice
Harriet Beecher Stowe author of Uncle Toms Cabin
Simon Legree villian of Uncle Toms Cabin
Millard Fillmore Pres(finished Taylors term) ran against Buchanan
Santa Anna Dictator of Mexico
John Slidell Sent to Mexico to try and buy California and New Mexico
Dred Scot slave who sued for his freedom -case found Missouri Compromise unconstitutional
Abraham Lincoln 16th Pres Elected 1860
John Breckenridge VP under Buchanan Ran for Pres in 1860 as Democrat
John Bell Constitutional Union party candidate in 1860
James Buchanan 15th President from PA Minister to Great Britian
John Brown Bleeding Kansas/ Attack on Harper's Ferry
Robert E Lee US Army Commander at Harper';s Ferry
Robert Anderson Union Commander at Fort Sumter
Missouri Comprmise Kept Balance of slave/free states Maine as free/ Missouri as slave
Compromise of 1850 Henry CLay tried for middle ground of the slave issue
Kansas Nebraska Act 2 new territories where popular sovereignty would exist
Fugitive Slave law law favoring slave owners runaways must be returned by all citizens
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty to end the US Mexico war -US got California, new Mexico
Gadsden Purchase land purchase from Mexico needed for Transcontinental Railroad
Wilmot Proviso tried to ban slavery in lands gotten from Mexico War
Whigs Party of Tyler and Taylor died out in 1850's
Democrats Party split in to Northern and Southern factions in election 1860
Know Nothings American Party- Pro American/ anti Immigrant
Republicans New Party-Lincolns Party--know now as GOP
Constitutional Union Party tried to keep the Union together -Border states- ran John Bell
South Carolina first state to secede
Deep South Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida
Jefferson Davis President of the Confederate states of America
Fort Sumter first action of Civil War-fired on by the Confederates
Fort Pickens Onlysouthern Union Fort to stay under union control in Civil War
Created by: evenesky