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People in world history D-G

portugues navigator who made the first sea voyage to India de Gama
italian painter, sculptor, architect. considered the ideal renaissance man da Vinci
premier of france at the munich conference Daladier
persian king known for his ability to organize the government. conquered egypt and ionian greek city states of asia minor. was defeated by greek city states in the first two persian wars Darius I (the great)
father of the theory of evolution who wrote "On the Origin of Species" Darwin
leader of the free French during ww2 and was president of the 5th french republic de Gaulle
known as the greatest greek orator. tried to warn peoble about philip of macedonia Demosthenes
famous french philosopher, mathematician, and scientist. he is associated with the statement "I think therefore I am" Descartes
spaniard who explored the southern MS river area Desoto
leader of an irish political movement known as sinn fein (we ourselves) and was the irish prime minister from 1937-1948 devalera
portuguese sailor who was the first to sail around the cape of good hope dias
french philosopher who edited the encyclopedia Diderot
roman emperor who attempted to halt the decline of the empire by dividing the empire and declaring himself absolute monarch Diocletian
conservative british prime minister of the late 1800s who extended the suffrage with the passage of the second reform bill. he also helped england get the suez canal Disraeli
established a harsh law code for ancient athens draco
english sailor who was teh first englishmen to sail around the world. he helped to defeat the spanish armada drake
french army officer who falsely accused of being a german spy. he was innocent but tried part because he was jewish. zola worte "J'accuse" which helped to free him frmo devil's island Dreyfus
british prime minister 1955-57 who had to resign as a result of the suez crisis Eden
king of england who called the model parliament 1295. he conquered wales and made his son ruler of wales Edward I
only son of henry 8, who was king of england form 1547-1553 his mother was jane seymour and her family dominated him after henry's death Edward 4
king of england in 1936 abdicated teh throne to marry the twice divorced wallis warfield of simpson Edward 8
only king of england to be sainted his death without an heir leads to norman conquest Edward the confessor
queen to louis 7 of france and later henry 2 of england. she was mother to richard I and king john, she often plotted against her husband to advance her own causes Eleanor of Aquitane
she ruled england from 1588-1603 under her the country defeated the spanish armada and became a great sea power. the anglican church was brought back, known as the virgin queen Elizabeth 1
provided marx with money and ideas concerning the industrial revolution, he finished writing das kapital following marx's death Engels
norse explorer who was exiled from iceland to greenland Eric the red
considered the father of geometry. wrote the elements Euclid
was the last king to rule egypt overthrown by nassar Farouk I
discovered penicillin Fleming
french commander of allied armies in ww1 Foch
austrian archduke who was assassinated in sarejevo june 28, 1914 which set off ww1 Francis Ferdinand
hapsburg ruler of austria, who in 1867 was forced to establsih the dual monarchy of austria-hungary Francis Joseph
leader of fascist forces in the spanish civil war becme dictator of spain franco
holy roman emperor 1155-1190 who fell off his horse during the 3rd crusade and drowned Frederick I Barbarossa
first king of prussia frederick I
prussina king who led his country in the war of austrian succession and the seven years war. took part in the first partition of poland considered a military genius and one of the enlightened despots frederick 2
prussian king 1713-1740 who made the army strong was known for ahving a regiment of giants known as "drill sergeant" Frederick William 1
soviet astronaut who was the first man to travel into space gargarin
through the use of the telescope he helped to prove heliocentric theory of copernicus, also discovered the law of the pendulum Galileo
first female prime minister of india daughter of nehru Indhira Gandhi
used policy of peaceful non-violence to win independence for india, assassinated in 1948 Mohandas Gandhi
led teh red shirts in the movement for italian unification, known as the "sword of italian unification" Garibaldi
mongol leader who took over northern china, southern russia, northern india, iran, and iraq Genghis Khan
first of teh hanoverian kings of england 1713-1727 couldn't speak english George I
king of england 1760-1820 which is the longest reign for any male in english history, king during americna and french revolutions George 3
king of england 1936-52 who took over when edward 8 abdicated, he was on the throne during ww2 and was the father of elizabeth 2 george 4
liberal british prime minister of the late 19th century who is given credit for the 3rd reform bill, civil service reform and the secret ballot Gladstone
german propaganda minister under hitler Goebbels
head of german Luftwaffe Goering
pope 590-604 who began the christianization of england, also promoted the supremacy of the papcy Gregory 1 (the great)
pope 1073-1085 who made reforms to reduce corruption in the church he got into a dispute with henry 4 of the holy roman empire over lay investiture Gregory 7
queen of england for nine days in 1553, gave up the throne to mary tudor and was sentenced to death for treason Lady Jany Grey
german who developed the moveable type, first book he printed was the bible Gutenberg
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