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Ancient History

14th century bc king of egypt renounced old gods and introduced the first monotheistic religion aka Amenhotep Akhenaton
king of macedonia 336-323 bc; tutored by aristotle; loosed the gordian knot Alexander the Great
king of the huns in the 5th century; known as "the scourge of god" because of his armies cruelty Atilla the Hun
adopted son of Julius Caesar; 1st emperor of Rome 44 BC-14AD; the pax romana (time of peace) occured during his reign Caesar Augustus
1st century roman dictator; assassinated by brutus and others on the ides of march 44bc Julius Caesar
ancient roman politician; ended every speech with " Carhage must be destroyed" Cato
charles the great) crowned 1st holy roman emperor in 800 Charlemagne
1st century bc queen of egypt famous for her affair with mark antony; commited suicide by allowing a poisonous asp to bite her Cleopatra
roman ruler 312-37); reunited E and W roman empires and made new capital on the site of Byzantium; issued edict of milan which legalized christianity in 313 Constantine
ancient carthage general who took an army supported by elephants into italy in an attempt to conquer rome in the second punic war Hannibal
ruler of rome 117-38 who codified their laws and built a wall between england and scotland Hadrian
12th century mongolian emperor known for conquering huge portions of N China and SW asia Genghis Khan
ancient roman emperor famed for his cruelty; thought to have caused a great fire in rome nero
ancient greek statesmen who promoted democracy and tried to unite the country pericles
last ruler of united romean empire 392-5 Theodosius the Great
1st triumverate pompey, caesar, and crassus
2nd triumverate mark antony, lepidus, and octavian
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