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Russian History

daughter of nicholas 2 thought to have died when the Romanov family was executed in 1918, since then many women have claimed to be her Anastasia
president of the USSR 1983-4 Andropov
radicals in the russian revolution who favored a revolution instead of gradual change; led by lenin bolsheviks
soviet political leader who seized control of the soviet communist party from Khrushchev in 1964 and went on to become head of the soviet union until his death in 1982 Brezhnev
18th century empress of russia who greatly expanded russian territory Catherine the Great
premier of the ussr who's restructuring(perestroika) and openness(glasnost) gave the soviets slightly more freedom of expression Gorbachev
Ruled Russia as "Sovereign of all Russia" 1462-1505 Ivan the Great
Russian Czar (1547-84) known for his cruelty and brutality; first to assume title of Czar Ivan the Terrible
premier of the soviet union 1958-64; was premier during the cuban missle crisis Khrushchev
russian political leader who founded the bolshevik party; 1st premier of USSR 1918-24 real name: Vladimir Illyich Ulyanov; succeeded by Stalin in 1924 Lenin
Czar of russia 1682-1725 who tried to modernize russia; moved capital of russia from moscow to st.petersburg which he built Peter the Great
monk who gained enormous influence over Nicholas 2 before and during ww1 Rasputin
soviet ruler 1929-53 who succeeded Lenin Stalin
russian revolutionary who was assassinated in mexico city in 1940 under orders of stalin Trotsky
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