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Verbs - F,G,H

French Infinitives Starting with F, G, H

Fabriquer To manufacture, fabricate
Fabuler To make up stories
Fâcher To anger, vex
Faciliter To facilitate
Façonner To fashion, shape
Faillir To fail
Faire To make, do
Falloir To be necessary
Falsifier To falsify
Farder To put on makeup; to disguise, obscure
Fatiguer To fatigue, tire
Faucher To reap, mow; to flatten
Favoriser To favor
Feindre To feign
Féliciter To congratulate, facilitate
Fendre To split, cleave, crack
Fermer To close
Fesser To spank, hit, paddle
Feuilleter To leaf through, browse
Fier To depend on, rely, trust
Figurer To represent, appear
Filer To spin (out), speed, feel
Fileter To thread (metal), to fillet (fish)
Filtrer To filter, screen
Finir To finish
Fixer To fix, fasten; to set (a date)
Flamber To burn, blaze, flame
Flâner To stroll; to lounge around
Flatter To flatter
Flirter To flirt; to date
Flotter To float, flutter
Fonder To found, build, establish
Fondre To melt
Forcer To force
Forger To forge, form
Former To train; to develop; to form
Fortifier To fortify, strengthen
Fouetter To whip, lash
Fouiller To dig deeply,,explore, excavate
Fouiner To snoop, grub, nose around
Fournir To furnish, provide
Fourrer To stuff, fill, cram, shove, f---
Foutre (Slang) to do, give, put; screw up
Franchir To cross, get over, ford, overcome
Frapper To knock
Frémir To shudder, quake, shiver
Fréquenter To go to, frequent
Frire To fry
Friser To curl
Frissonner To quake, tremble, shudder, be thrilled
Frotter To rub, scrape
Fructifier To bear fruit, be productive
Fuir To flee
Fumer To smoke
Fureter To rummage, nose around, pry, snoop
Fuser To gush, burst forth, melt, fly, crackle
Gâcher To waste, spoil, mar, bungle
Gagner To win, earn
Garantir To guarantee
Garder To keep, guard, retain
Garer To park
Garnir To equip; to fill, stock; to garnish
Gaspiller To waste, squander
Gâter To spoil, mar, indulge
Geindre To groan, whine, yammer
Geler To freeze
Gémir To moan, groan, creak
Gêner To bother, disturb, hamper
Gérer To manage, administer
Gésir To lie down
Glacer To chill, freeze
Glisser To slide, slip
Gonfler To inflate, swell, bloat
Goûter To taste
Gouverner To govern
Grandir To grow
Gratter To scratch, grate
Grêler To hail (precipitation)
Grelotter To shiver
Grimper To climb, shimmy
Grincer To grate, creak, squeak
Grogner To grumble, moan, snort, growl
Gronder To scold, brew, rumble
Grouper To group, pool
Guérir To cure, treat
Guetter To watch; to look out for
Guider To guide
Habiller To dress
Habiter To live
Habituer To accustom, familiarize
Haïr To hate
Haleter To pant, puff, gasp for breath
Hanter To haunt
Harceler To harrass
Hasarder To risk, hazard; to gamble
Hâter To hasten
Hausser To raise, boost, inflate
Hériter To inherit, get
Hésiter To hesitate
Heurter To hit, strike; to offend
Honorer To honor; to be a credit to
Hoqueter To hiccup
Humilier To humiliate
Hurler To scream, shriek
Created by: MarkBarron