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Verbs D

French Infinitives Starting with D

Daigner To deign, condescend
Danser To dance
Dater To date (from); to be outdated
Déballer To unpack; to let out
Débarquer To unload; to land; to fire
Débarrasser To clear, rid someone of, flush
Débattre To debate
Déborder To overflow, stick out
Débrouiller To untangle, sort out, unravel
Décerner To give, award, adjudge
Décevoir To disappoint, frustrate, underwhelm
Décharger To unload, unburden
Déchirer To rip, unleash
Décider To decide
Déclarer To declare, announce
Décoiffer To muss; to take one's hat off
Déconfire To discombobulate
Décorer To decorate
Découdre To unstitch
Découper To trim, parse, clip
Décourager To discourage
Découvrir To discover
Décrire To describe
Décrocher To pick up (phone)
Décroître To decrease
Dédier To dedicate
Dédire (se) To retract, recant
Déduire To deduce
Défaillir To faint, swoon
Défaire To undo, unpack, unfasten
Défendre To defend
Défier To challenge, defy, dare to
Défiler To parade; to unwind, to scroll. to string
Définir To define
Dégager To free, clear, release
Dégoûter To disgust
Déguiser To disguise
Déguster To taste, sample, savor
Déjeuner To have lunch
Délibérer To deliberate
Délivrer To set free; to rid; to deliver
Demander To ask for
Démanteler To demolish, dismantle
Déménager To move
Demeurer To live, stay
Démolir To demolish
Démontrer To demonstrate, prove
Dénoncer To denounce
Dénoter To indicate, denote
Départir To dispose, allocate, divest
Dépasser To pass, exceed, surpass
Dépêcher To hurry
Dépeindre To depict
Dépendre To depend
Dépenser To spend
Déplacer To move, displace
Déplaire To displease
Déposer To put down; to deposit
Dépouiller To peruse; to skin, strip
Déprécier To depreciate; to belittle
Déprimer To depress
Déranger To disturb
Déraper To skid, slip, soar
Dérober To steal; to hide, conceal
Dérouler To unwind, unroll
Descendre To descend
Désespérer To drive to despair, to despair, despond
Déshabiller To undress someone
Désigner To point out; to designate
Désirer To desire
Désobéir To disobey
Désoler To distress, sadden
Dessiner To draw
Détacher To untie, undo; to detach
Déteindre To run, fade, rub off
Détendre To release, loosen
Détenir To hold
Déterminer To determine
Détester To hate
Détourner To divert
Détruire To destroy
Dévaloriser To reduce the value of
Devancer To do something ahead of someone
Développer To develop
Devenir To become
Dévêtir To undress
Deviner To guess
Devoir To have to, must
Dévorer To devour
Dicter To dictate
Différer To differ
Digérer To digest
Diminuer To diminish
Dîner To have dinner
Dire To say
Diriger To direct
Discourir To discourse
Discuter To discuss
Disjoindre To disconnect
Disparaître To disappear
Disperser To scatter, disperse
Disposer To arrange; to dispose
Disputer To fight, dispute
Disséminer To disseminate
Dissiper To dissipate
Dissoudre To dissolve
Dissuader To dissuade
Distinguer To distinguish
Distraire To distract; to entertain
Distribuer To distribute
Diviser To divide
Divorcer To divorce
Dominer To dominate
Dompter To tame, subdue
Donner To give
Dorer To gild; to sweeten
Dormir To sleep
Doubler To pass
Doucher To shower someone
Douer To endow someone with
Douter To doubt
Dresser To stand up, raise; to write (a list), erect
Durer To last
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