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Verbs C

French Infinitives Starting with C

Cacher To hide
Calculer To calculate
Captiver To fascinate, captivate
Caractériser To characterize
Caresser To caress
Casser To break
Causer To cause, engender
Céder To give up
Ceindre To put on
Célébrer To celebrate
Celer To conceal (old fashioned use)
Censurer To censure
Centraliser To centralize
Cerner To encircle, surround
Certifier To certify
Cesser To cease
Changer To change
Chanter To sing
Charger To load
Chasser To hunt, chase
Châtier To refine, perfect; to chasten
Chatouiller To tickle, titillate
Chauffer To heat
Chausser To put shoes on; to fit
Chercher To look for
Chérir To cherish
Chiffonner To crumple; to bother
Choisir To choose
Chômer To be idle, unemployed
Choquer To shock, appall; to shake up
Chuchoter To whisper
Chuter To fall, drop; to fail
Circoncire To circumcise
Circonscrire To contain
Circonvenir To circumvent
Circuler To circulate
Ciseler To chisel, carve
Citer To quote, cite
Claquer To bang, ring out
Clarifier To clarify
Classer To file, classify; to grade
Cligner To blink
Clignoter To twinkle, flash, flicker
Clocher To be defective
Cloîtrer To shut away, cloister
Clore To close
Clouer To nail, tack
Cocher To check off, tick; to notch
Coiffer To do someone's hair
Coincer To wedge; to catch
Collaborer To collaborate
Coller To glue, stick, paste
Combattre To combat
Combiner To combine
Combler To fill in; to fulfill, make up
Commander To order
Commenter To comment
Commettre To commit
Communiquer To communicate
Comparaître To appear in court
Comparer To compare
Compléter To complete
Complimenter To compliment, congratulate
Compliquer To complicate
Comporter To consist of, comprise, include
Composer To form; to compose
Comprendre To understand
Compromettre To compromise
Compter To count, intend
Concéder To concede
Concentrer To concentrate
Concevoir To conceive
Conclure To conclude
Condamner To condemn
Conduire To drive
Confier To confide
Confire To preserve
Confondre To confuse
Congeler To freeze
Conjuguer To conjugate
Connaître To know
Conquérir To conquer
Consacrer To devote; to establish
Conseiller To recommend
Consentir To consent
Conserver To conserve
Considérer To consider
Consister To consist
Consoler To console, soothe
Constater To notice
Construire To construct
Consulter To consult
Contenir To contain
Contenter To satisfy, please
Conter To recount
Continuer To continue
Contraindre To compel
Contredire To contradict
Contrevenir To contravene
Contribuer To contribute
Contrôler To control
Convaincre To convince
Convenir To convene
Convertir To convert
Coopérer To cooperate
Coordonner To coordinate
Copier To copy
Correspondre To correspond
Corriger To correct
Corrompre To corrupt
Corseter Corset; to constrain, constrict
Coucher To put to bed
Coudre To sew
Couler To flow, run
Couper To cut
Courber To bend, bow
Courir To run
Couronner To crown, award
Coûter To cost
Couvrir To cover
Cracher To spit
Craindre To fear
Craquer To creak, crack
Créditer To credit
Créer To create
Creuser To hollow, dig
Crever To burst; to wear out
Crier To shout
Crisper To tense; to get on someone's nerves
Critiquer To criticize
Crocheter To crochet
Croire To believe
Croiser To fold; to cross, pass
Croitre To grow
Croquer To bite into, crunch; to squander
Cueillir To gather
Cuire To cook
Cuisiner To cook
Cultiver To cultivate
Cumuler To do two things at once
Commencer To begin
Created by: MarkBarron