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Verbs A-B

French Infinitives Starting with A and B

Affaibler To weaken
Affamer To starve
Affermer To rent
Agacer To annoy
S'agenouiller To kneel
Agiter To wave, flutter; to trouble
Agrandir To enlarge, make bigger
Alimenter To feed
Allécher To make one's mouth water
Allonger To lengthen
Alourdir To weigh down, make heavy
Améliorer To improve
Aménager To fit up, convert
Amener To take
Angoisser To distress
Animer To lead, impel, encourage, liven up
Apercevoir To see
Appartenir To belong
Ajouter To add
Apprêter To prepare, get ready
Appuyer To support; to lean on
Arracher To pull up/out
Arroser To water
Aspirer To inhale; to suck
Assister To assist, help, witness, attend
Assouplir To soften
Astreindre To compel
Attarder To make late
Attirer To attract
Attraper To catch
Attrister To sadden
Avaler To swallow
Avorter To abort
Avouer To vow
Bâcler To botch; throw together
Bagarrer To fight, argue
Baigner To bathe
Baisser To lower
Balayer To sweep
Bannir To bannish, exile, cast out
Barrer To bar, block, cross out
Bâtir To build
Battre To beat
Baver To dribble, leak
Bavarder To chat
Bénir To bless
Bercer To cradle, rock
Blaguer To joke
Blanchir To bleach
Blaser To make blasé; to bore
Blêmir To pale
Blesser To hurt, offend
Bleuir To turn blue
Bloquer To jam, block, stop
Boîter To limp, wobble
Bondir To jump up, bounce
Border To trim, hem; to border
Boucher To cork, plug, block
Boucler To buckle, fasten; to settle
Bouffer to gobble, nosh, guzzle
Bouger To move
Bouillir To boil
Bouleverser To distress; to disrupt
Bourrer To fill, stuff, cram, wad
Bousculer To bump into; to liven up
Branler To shake, be shaky, loose
Briller To shine
Briser To break, smash; to ruin
Bronzer To tan
Brosser To brush
Broyer To grind
Bruiner To drizzle
Brûler To burn
Brunir To darken, tan
Affecter To affect
Affliger To afflict
Aggraver To aggravate
Agir To act
Agréer To agree
Aider To help
Aimer To like, love
Aller To go
Allumer To light
Alphabétiser To alphabetize
Altérer To alter, distort
Alterner To alternate
Amplifier To amplify
Amuser To amuse
Analyser To analyze
Anéantir To annihilate; to wear out
Annoncer To announce
Anticiper To anticipate
Apparaître To appear
Appeler To call
Applaudir To applaud, clap
Appliquer To apply
Apprécier To appreciate
Apporter To bring
Apprendre To learn
Approcher To approach
Armer To arm; to equip
Arranger To arrange
Arrêter To stop, arrest
Assaillir To assail
Assembler To gather, assemble
Asseoir To sit down
Associer To associate
Assurer To assure
Attacher To tie up, fasten, attach
Attaquer To attack
Atteindre To attain
Attendre To wait for
Attester To testify, vouch, attest
Attribuer To attribute
Augmenter To increase
Autoriser To authorize
Avancer To advance
Avoir To have
Baptiser To baptize
Bénéficier To benefit
Blâmer To blame
Boire To drink
Bombarder To bomb
Approuver To approve of
brouiller To befog, blur, distort
Created by: MarkBarron