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Chpt. 13 Sec. 2

Stack #202908

someone who permently leaves their country and goes to another country immigrant
how many immigrants settled in the us between 1840-1860 more than 4 million
how many immigrants came from Ireland and Germany more than 3 million
why did the irish people come to the us because of the potato blight
were they poor yes
where did most irish people set up Mass. NJ, NY, and Penn.
what jobs did irish men have built cannals, roads, or worked in mines
what jobs did irish women have domestic servants [maids] worked for 16 hours a day
who were mostly Catholics the irish
why did the Germans leave because of revolution and poor economy
who were more likely to become farmers the Germans
who lived in rural areas the Germans
means country rural
means city urban
where were the Germans more likely to settle Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin
what religion were most Germans Catholic, Jewish, and Lutheran
what religion were most people before the immigrants came protestants
why did native born citizens feel threatened by immigrants 1 different cultures2 different religions3 economic competition- competing for jobs
who viewed immigrants with fear and suspition and they were oppsed to immigration nativists [us citizens]
Created by: Breezy Breeze