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When was Jamestown found 1607
What was the mayflower compact it was the first self-government
When was the Declaration of independence signed it was signed on July 4,1776
When was the constitution of the united states written it was written in the 1787
What president purchased the Louisiana territory from France in 1803 Thomas Jefferson
from when to when did the civil war get fought 1861-1865
Where were the first shots fired for the American Revolution fired at Lexington Massachusetts on April 1775
Where was the first site of the first battle of the American Revolution Concord Massachusetts
What battle was the turning in the American revolution The battle of Saratoga
What defeat signaled the ending of the civil war the defeat of the British at Yorktown
Where were the first shots fired for the civil war fort Sumter in south carolina
What battle was the turning point of the civil war the battle of gettysburg
What capture split the confederacy vicksburg mississippi
where did robert e lee surender in a small town in virgina
What is the show of a country's streangth economic
What is abolishment when u want slavery gone
What is a taxiff a tax on goods brought in to the country
What is a tariff a protective thing for the home theroy
What is sectionilism it is a strong sence of loilty
What is the belif that we should own the land between the atlantic and pacific ocean manifest destiny
What is the temprance the campign aginst sale
What is representive gov it is where pepole elect the represit
What is a republic a nation withought with voters
What was the first real assembaly the house of burgeses
What are the 3 branches of gov legislative,judicial,executive
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