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SS Ch3

Explorers for anna vocab

Empire The conquered land of many people and places governed by one ruler
Monarch A king or queen
Renaissance A french word meaning rebirth used to name a time of advances in thought learning art and sience
compass An instrument used to find direction
navigation The method of planing and controlling the course of a ship
cartographer A person who makes maps
astrolabe An instrument formerly used to calculate one's position compared to the sun, moon and stars
caravel A ship that used square or triangular sail to travel long distances
isthmus A narrow strip of land that connects two larger land areas
demarcation A line that marks a boundary
treaty An agreement between nations about peace, trade or other matters
grant A sum of money or other payment for a particular purpose
conquistador Aicany of the Spanish conquerors in the Americans during the early 1500s
Northwest Passage A nonexistent waterway in North America though to connect the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean
mutiny Rebellion against the leader of one's group
estuary The wide mouth of a river where ocean tides flow in
desertion Leaving one's duties such as military service with out permission
claim To declare that a person or country owns something
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