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Canada vocabolary

provinces are administrative units similar to states
territories are lands administrated by the national government
shield is a large area of relatively flat land comprised of ancient,hard rock
coniferious evergreen trees produce cones that hold seeds,and they have needles instead of leaves
deciduous trees shed their leaves in the autum
archipelago is a group of islands
tundra is a flat,treeless plain with permanently frozen ground
fishery is an area where fish come to feed in huge numbers
comprise to make up
access a way to reach a distant area
aboringal or native,peoples who lived in North America before Europeans
occupy to settle in a place
eventually at a later time
migrate to move to an area to settle
metis are the children of French and native peoples
transcontinental or continent-crossing,railroad that united the eastern and western parts of their nation
granary is a building used to store harvested grain
metropolitan area is a city and its surrounding suburbs
bilingual nation,meaning it has two official languages-English and French
via on the way through
peacekeeping is sending trained members of the military to crisis spots to maintain peace and order
separatists are those who want to break away from control by a dominant group
autonomy or self-government,than they had in the past
Acid rain is produced when chemicals from air pollution combine with precipitation
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