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History chapter 16

lesson 4

Emancipation freeing of slaves, Lincoln did not think he had the power to
Democrats apposed emancipation, feared they would loose their jobs
Abolitionists thought war was pointless if it did not win for freedom of African Americans
Lincoln worried about losing the war b/c previous wartime Conscation Acts was not popular in border states
Edwin Stanton Sectary of war/ for emancipation
Emancipation Proclamation order to free alt the confeterate slaves, military order, impact more symbolic than real, discouraged brittian from ading confeterates
When did the Emancipation Proclamiation take effect on? January 1 1863
Contrabands escaped slaves in south carolina
54 Massachusetts Infantry mostly free african americans led a heroic change on S.C. Fort Wagner
what year did Lincoln suggest that giving African american soldiers the right to vote 1864
Fredrick Douglas liked E.P.
William Loyd Garrison didn't think E.P. went far enough
Clement L Vallandigaham started a group of northern democrats that spoke out against war.
Cooperheads midwesterners that sympathized with the South and opposed abolition.
Why did Lincoln suspend the rights of Habeas Corpus so he could deal with the cooperheads
Habeas Corpus constitutional protection against unlawful imprisonment
March 1863 congress approved draft
July 1863 riots in new york caused 100 deaths
Biggest Killer in War typhoid, pneumonia, tuberculosis
Clara Barton organized the collection of medicine and supplies for delivery to the battle field/ formed basis of the American Red Cross
Sally Louisa Tompkins est. a small hospital in richmond for confeterate
Created by: Ella!
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