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Chapter 5

Causes of the Revolution

Started the Sons of Liberty Sam Adams
President of the 2nd Continental Congress John Hancock
British custom officers searched homes for smugggled goods as long as they had writs of assistance
Sugar Act allowed the colonists to pay lower taxes on molasses
First person killed in the Boston Massacre Crispus Attucks
An act of defiance that the colonists celebrated in December of 1773 was The Boston Tea Party
Said "Blows must decide" whom would rule America George III
The colonists called the Coercive Acts the Intolerable Acts
First commander of the Continental Army George Washington
After the Boston Tea Party, Parliament passed the__________ as punishment Coercive Acts
This act stated that Parliament had the right to tax colonists Declaratory Act
This person wrote Common Sense which said the colonists should break away from England Thomas Paine
To avoid taxes, some colonists resorted to smuggling
Concord was a city where The colonists stored arms
These people warned that the British were coming Paul Revere and William Dawes
The Tea Act gave the East India Company an advantage over colonial merchants.
Parliament sent troops to Boston in what year? 1768
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness were written as universal principles in what document? Declaration of Independence
This person was president of the 2nd Continental Congress and signed his name so large that the King could see it without his glasses? John Hancock
Ethan Allen led what group? The Green Mountain Boys
This person was leader of the minutemen John Parker
Thomas Gage had orders to take away the weapons of the Massachusetts militia.
Which group did the colonies organize to fight against Great Britain? Continental Army
An example of propaganda during the American Revolution was The Boston Massacre
Soldiers ready to fight at a moment's notice were known as minutemen
Name the three laws found in the Corercive/Intolerable Acts banned town meetings, closed Boston Harbor, forced colonists to house British soldiers
The Olive Branch Petition asked the King to protect the rights of the colonists
Patrick Henry was a Patriot
The Townshend Acts taxed what goods Imported goods
This Act taxed the colonists without their consent Stamp Act
This philosopher influenced Thomas Jefferson in writing the Declaration of Independence John Locke
After which battle did the British realize that the Americans would not be defeated easily? Bunker Hill
The colonists were angry after the Tea Act because They wanted to decide on their own what tea they wanted to buy
Those who sided with the British were called Loyalists
Those who supported to the right to Independence were called Patriots
What was the role of the Continental Congress To represent Americans and challenge British control
Location where many colonists believed fighting would break out first? New England
Who was in charge of the first Post Office? Ben Franklin
After the Intolerable Acts did the colonists become isolated from Boston? The Intolerable Acts made the colonists more united
Soldiers stealing from shops,rude soldiers and soldiers competing for jobs with the colonists all lead to The Boston Massacre
How many colonists were killed during the Boston Massacre? Five
This document explains why the colonies chose to form a new nation Declaration of Independence
Benedict Arnold led a failed attack on what Canadian city? Quebec
When the Boston Tea Party occurred, most colonists considered themselves ______________ citizens. British
Organization that spread political ideas and information throughout the colonies? Committee of Correspondence
Meeting to decide how to respond to increased taxes and abuses of authority by the British government? First Continental Congress
Explains why the Continental Congress drew up the Declaration Preamble
Lists the rights of the citzens Declaration of Natural Rights
Lists the colonists complaints against the British govt List of Grievances
Declares that the colonies are free and independent. Resolution of Independence
German troops hired by the King of England to fight in the colonies Hessians
King of England that wanted the Acts and made the colonists upset King George
The colonists were angry about being taxed by the British because They believed the taxes were unfair
Henry, Adams, Adams, Lee and Washington all attended both the 1st and 2nd Continental Congress
Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness are? Where can they be found? Unalienable rights, Declaration of Independence
Dawes and Revere warned that the British were coming
Taxation, lack of representation in Parliament and Trade restriction were all causes of the American Revolution
Printing of money, a new post office headed by Franklin and the Continental Army were all created with The 2nd Continental Congress
At the 2nd Continental Congress, delegates decided to separate from England
Effects of the Townshend Acts included Boycott of British goods, Protest groups ( Sons and Daughters of Liberty) were formed.
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