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5th SS Ch 3 vocab

5th grade social studies ch 3

Sioux Ojibwa term meaning "snake"
Oral History The purposeful repeating of stories about the past
Respect Expression of courtesy and consideration forward others
Human Capital The knowledge and skills individuals have that enhance their ability to earn income
Extended Family All relatives includes parents, children, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles
Kinship Close connections with ones relatives
Income Money or other benefits received in payment for goods or services
Generosity The habit of giving without expecting anything in return
Min Sota Makoce Dakota term "land where the waters are so clear they reflect the clouds in the sky"
Tipi A cone shaped house made by stretching animal skins over a frame of wooden poles
Profit A financial gain. The difference between the amount earned and the amount spent
Interest The portion of a loan that is charged to borrow the money
Rent Pay someone for the use of a house, land or car
Wage A fixed regular payment, typically paid on a daily or weekly basis
Dakota Means "friend" or "ally"
Lessons Storytellers tales often contain these
Honorship Giving gifts in someone else's name to show respect (3 people)
Oceti Sakowin The Seven Councils of Fire
Dakota Oyate Seven bands in the Dakota Nation
Created by: RoperFive
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