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Ch.10: Human Rights

Socials 11

Universal Declaration of Human Rights UN outline of rights which all human beings are entitled
Cultural Exceptionalism human rights are cultural rather than universal
Rule of Law laws apply to everyone equally, regardless of position in society. No one comes above the law.
Canadian Bill of Rights a bill that outlines human rights for Canadians
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms human rights are guaranteed to everyone in Canada (1982)
Notwithstanding Clause a clause in the Canadian Constitution that allows parliament to allow an act to stand even thought it may conflict the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Democratic Rights rights to participate in a democracy, including voting in election
Language Rights rights to receive and use french or english in any federal court.
Fundamental Freedoms citizens are free to believe what they wish, to express opinions freely, to associate with whomever they wish, to gather peacefully with each other
Mobility Rights citizens have the ability to live in any province to find a job
Extradition to be accused of a crime by another country
Equality Rights people will not be discriminated against based on race, sex, colour, religion, age, ethnic origin, mental or physical disability
Affirmative Action programs for individuals with a disadvantage
Minority Rights rights to ensure that the disadvantaged are protected and able to achieve equality
Legal Rights people will be treated fairly by the legal system
Amending Formula Canadian Constitution cannot be changed unless at least 7 provinces, representing more than 50% of the country, approve
Human Development Index an index used to rank countries based on life expectancy, adult literacy, and GDP rates
Employment Equity the principle of equal pay for work of equal value
Equity Groups certain groups of people who have been discriminated against by employers
Reverse Discrimination discrimination against a majority group
Undue Hardship financial strain
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