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History Section 1

What is a Patron? A person who contributes money to help their country. (Medici was the most influential of his time)
What is perspective? Realistic Art
Leonardo DeVinci Mona Lisa, The Last Supper
Michelangelo David, Pieta
Raphael The School of Athens
What was The Prince? A guide for rulers to follow in order to gain and maintain power (ruthlessly)
Define Humanism Intellectual movement
Define Individualism a social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control
Define Renaissance A time of intellectual regrowth (means rebirth)
What caused the Renaissance? Sparked by the fall of Constantinople
What was the ideal Renaissance person like? They contributed to society
Why did the Renaissance start in Italy? (Three Reasons) Italy was a world trade center since it was in the middle of Europe and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, they were wealthy, and
Why was humanism not accepted by the church? Humanism contradicted all of the church's beliefs
How did art reflect the humanist ideas? Art allowed for people to express themselves and their ideas
What do you think of Machiavelli's ideas? It was a good way to govern the people because people are often directed by their fears
Explain how birth relates to the Renaissance The Renaissance was a time of intellectual rebirth and growth
What were three results of the development of the printing press? People were able to learn and follow the religion of their choosing, everyone was able to educate themselves easily, and the divide between the rich and the poor shrank
What impact did Erasmus have on religion? He translated the bible into Greek, which allowed more people to follow the religion.
Who invented the printing press? Johann Gutenberg
How was individualism present in Shakespeare's work For example, in Romeo and Juliet they cared more about their own feeling rather than society.
Define Indulgences Promises of salvation sold by priests
What was the 95 theses? A list of arguments against indulgences
Who wrote the 95 theses? Martin Luther
Define Predestination The idea that God had already determined long ago who would receive salvation
What was special about Wittenberg? It was where Johann Tezel set up a pulpit to sell indulgences
Define Theocracy
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