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American Foreign Policy

Thomas Jefferson bought this territory from the French in 1803 The Louisiana Territory
Andrew Jackson defeated this group of Native Americans during the Battle of Horseshoe Bend The Creeks
This is when a country forces foreign sailors into their military Impressment
This was the name of the act that allowed the President to deport foreigners if the presented a "danger" to the United States Alien Acts
This is the name of the affair when French officials tried to bribe representatives of the United States X,Y,Z, affair
Members of Congress who supported a war against Britain in 1812 were called this War Hawks
President Washington did not want to get involved in the affairs of other countries and decided to stay neutral. This is called ? Proclamation of Neutrality
This was the act passed by Congress that said that they United States couldn't trade with other countries Embargo Act
This was then name of the battle that took place after the War of 1812 was already over The Battle of New Orleans
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