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Fertile Crescent 6th

Fertile Crescent

Why did people stop hunting and gathering people stopped because game became scarce
What are three theories why game became scarce? 1. The earth got warm and the water rose up and covered the land. 2.Animals could not adapt to the changes in the climate. 3. The human population grew
Where was the first settlement? Zagros Mountains of Iran
When people first settled in the Zagros mountains what did people start doing in addition to hunting and gathering? They started gardening
Where did farming settlements start? Started in the Fertile Crescent of Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.
Each spring farming settlements overflowed their banks leaving behind rich soil called what? Silt
What are two characteristics of early farms? 1. Saw benefits of weeding and protecting plants 2. Domesticated plants (cannot seed themselves)
What are three crops that were planted? 1. grains (wheat, barley) 2. seed pods (peas, beans) 3. fruit (olives, grapes, yams)
What are three animals that were domesticated? 1. sheep and goats 2. chicken - meat and eggs 3. cows - meat, milk, move stuff
"Agri" is latin for what? Field
What does it mean to prepare soil? culture
What are four things that happened with the Agricultural Revolution? 1. People settled down 2. Animal skin clothing was replaced with cloth 3. Food sources changed 4. First division of labor was seen
When people settled down during the Agricultural Revolution was did they form? villages
Why did they replace animal skin clothing with cloth? 1. Skins were too hot 2. Skins got slimy in the rain 3. Skins were smelly
When food sources changed during the Agricultural Revolution what did they do with wheat? What did they ultimately make from this product? wheat was ground to flour and then they made bread
When food sources changed during the Agricultural Revolution what did they do with milk? They churned milk to make butter and cheese
What is it called when everyone in society has a special job? Division of Labor
When people became very good at one particular job or craft they became known as craftsman or a what? Artisan
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