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1st Quarter Review

Review of terms and concepts from the 1st quarter

What are pacifists? those who refuse to fight in wars
William Penn allowed some of Pennsylvania's southern counties to function as what separate colony? Delaware
What group controlled the economic and political life of the Southern Colonies? plantation owners
What was the main cash crop of South Carolina and Georgia? rice
Who were the only people who could vote in the colonies? white male property owners
Thomas Jefferson drew on the ideas of what English philosopher when writing the Declaration of Independence? John Locke
Who was the man that turned the ragged Continental Army in to a more efficient fighting force? Freidrich von Steuben
Although the last significant battle took place in 1781, what year was the treaty ending the war signed? 1783
What was the Mayflower Compact? a pledge to obey the laws of the colony
What were Protestants that left the Anglican church to establish their own churches called? Separatists
Who was the man known as "Swamp Fox"? Francis Marion
What did some colonists do to avoid taxes? they resorted to smuggling
What was the colonial name for laws that banned town meetings in New England? Intolerable Acts
Why were New York and Virginia colonies founded? to expand trade
What is a merchant ship that is privately owned and armed with weapons? privateer
What was the first state to have an all-African American regiment? Rhode Island
What battle led to the surrender of General Charles Cornwallis? Battle of Yorktown
Where was Loyalist strength the strongest? the Carolinas and Georgia
What did group of merchants obtain from the British king in order to start settlements in America? charters
Who was the first man to sign the Declaration of Independence? John Hancock
What colony was established as a place for debtors to make a fresh start? Georgia
What did the delegates of the First Continental Congress most want to do? have their rights and liberties restored
What document demonstrated the colonists' desire for peace? the Olive Branch petition
What happened when three East India Company ships arrived in Boston Harbor in 1773? Colonists boarded the ships and threw chests of tea overboard.
What law granted Catholics and Protestants the right to worship freely in Maryland? Act of Toleration
How did England view its North American colonies? as an economic resource
In what document did Americans agree to allow British merchants to collect debts owed to them? Treaty of Paris
What political body declared the unconstitutionality of British revenue taxes on the American colonies in 1774? First Continental Congress
Why was it considered wise for Washington to hold his men back at times? so he wouldn't lose too many troops in a battle he couldn't afford to lose
Created by: rhenson
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