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Classical India

What is Arhtahastra? Detailed instructions on uses of power and principle of governing.
What kind of government did Chandragupta rule over? Bureaucratic.
What was the name of Chandraguptas advisor? Kautalya
Why did Chandragupta leave his throne? To become a monk and live an ascetic life.
When did Ashoka begin his reign? 268-232 B.C.E.
What kingdom did Ashoka conquer during 260 B.C.E? The kingdom of Kaligna.
Where did Ashoka establish his capital? Pataliputra
How were the policies written? On the rocks or pillars.
Why did the Empire decline? The death of Ashoka and financial issues.
Who had revived the Empire? The guptas.
What occurred in 1-300 C.E? Kushans conquered and ruled.
Mahabharata and Ramayana influenced what towards women? Ad weak emotional creatures.
What were the 4 main castes? Brahmins(priests), Kshatriyas(warriors and aristocrats), Vaishyas( peasants and merchants), Shudras(serfs).
What is Jainism? Its a religion that teaches the way of liberation and to live a life of harmlessness.
What is the principle of Ahisma? non-violence to other living things or their souls.
Founder of Buddishm? Giddarthta Guatama.
Created by: cynthia3102