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morgan vocab

sets 3/4

rural relates to countryside
urban city;more populated
dred scott VS Stanford landmark court case 1857 confirmed slaves were property not humans
emancipation proc. declared sep. 22,1862, take effect on jan. 1, 1863 all confederate slaves were free
English bill of rights passed in 1689 by king william & queen mary gave certain rights to all English citizens
civil disobedience process of defying codes of conduct within a community or ignoring politics of a gov of state or nation when civil laws are considered unfair
dec of independence signed july 4th 1776
will penn established a Pennsylvania colony for quakers
federalism the distribution of power between federal gov and the states within the union
tom paine writing influenced the founding fathers one of his many works include common sense
federalist strong national gov
non federalist strong state gov weak national gov
federalist papers a series of 85 essays written to deal with anti and non anti federalists
rob e lee commanding general of the confederate army
free blacks former slaves or decendents of slaves that were born free of slavery or bought their freedom
french and indian war a war fought between france and english in north america it lasted 7 years
the fundamental orders of conn. the first written constution in the colonies was written around 1630s
john marshall cheif justice of surpreme court 1801-1835
gettysburg adress november 19 1863 honest abe traveled to gettysburg to give a speech
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