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early france/england

world history (800-1066)

what are the FIVE changes that happen in western Europe after the fall of rome? the disruption of trade, abandoned cities, population shift, sinking learning levels, latin began to change.
who was clovis? what did he do? why is he important? clovis was the leader of the leader of the franks. he was the first leader the franks had and turned them into Christans.
who was pope Gregory I? what was his approach to converting germanic tribes? he was the head of the roman church. pop Gregory baptized all the germans in that tribe.
what is the book of Kells? why is it important? the book of kells is a book written by the monks including a series of illuminated manuscript. it contains the four gospel.
who was charles martel? what happened at the battle of tours? charles martel is the grandfather of Charlemagne. charles defeats the muslims which prevents the spread of islam into western Europe.
who was pepin the short? how did he gain power? charlemagnes father. he allied himself with the church.
what happened the year 800? the scandinavians took to the sea in search of new territory.
what is the treaty of verdun? lois the pios seperated the kingdoms into 3 parts
who were the vikings? where dd they come from? the scandinavians were the vikings. they came from germany and scandinavia.
why did they leave their homeland? they left because of over population.
why were the longships so technologically advanced and effective? because they glided along the water instead of ripping into it.
what happened at the battle of hastings? the battle of hastings is the battle between william and harold. this occurred in 1066
how was england changed by the battle of hastings? england didn't have a king
what is the bayeux tapestry? showed the events in england from 1066
major domo? mayor of the palace.
illuminated manuscript? colored in letters
monasteries? home of the monks
Created by: ashley.lewis