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Chapter 9

Which of the following was NOT conveyed by the author of the Indika? The Indians were suffering from poverty and all kinds of miseries.
In contrast to Persia and China, classical India did...? Lacked a strong and continuing imperial tradition.
The invasions of Darius and Alexander played an important role in Indian politics and history because...? The intrusions destroyed many petty kingdoms and created a political vacuum
The man who founded the first Indian empire was? Chandragupta Maurya.
Ashoka, the great emperor of the Mauryan empire, was...? Converted to Buddhism after his bloody war against Kalinga.
Which of the following caused the Mauryan empire to decline and collapse? Financial difficulties caused by maintaining the army and bureaucracy
The Kushan empire? Originated from nomadic conquerors from central Asia. Pacified large areas of present-day Pakistan, Afghanistan, and north India Peaked under the rule of Kanishka. Played a crucial role in the silk roads trading network.
Compared with the Mauryan empire, the Gupta empire was...? smaller in size. less powerful and stable. less centralized longer-lived.
The White Huns occupied Bactria and prepared to cross the Hindu Kush into India during the fourth and fifth centuries. Their invasions...? Initially met fierce resistance from the Gupta empire.
Which of the following is true with respect to marriage in classical India? Child marriage was common. Inter-caste marriage was forbidden by law. An ideal wife was weak-willed, faithful, and loyal to her husband. Sita was the model of the ideal wife.
In classical India, jati, did...? Had their own courts to control crimes and solve disputes.
Among the principles of Jainist ethics, the most important was? Ahimsa
According to legend, Siddhartha Gautama, the first Buddha, abandoned his family and comfortable life to lead the existence of a holy man because of his concern with...? suffering.
The religious goal of early Buddhism was? Nirvana
What statement does NOT apply to Ashoka's support of Buddhism? He did not recognize social distinctions based on caste or jati.
One of the differences between early Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism was that...? Mahayana theologians invented the notion of the boddhisatva.
Buddhism gradually lost its popularity in India because? It grew increasingly remote from the population at large
Which of the following is NOT true with regard to Hinduism It restricted sexual activities.
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