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2nd 6 Weeks PRT SS

What was the Battle of Medina? Rebels are defeated by Spain which leads to another 7 years of Spanish rule in Texas.
Who is Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara? Formed the Revolutionary Army of the North.
What are two reasons Mexico wanted independence from Spain? 1.) Colonists were excluded from good jobs 2.) King was taking money from the churches
What was the significance of San Antonio being settled? It began Spanish colonial rule in Texas.
What were some Mexican methods of settlement? 1.) Must be catholic 2.) Good moral character
Who is Charles Francois Lallemand? French colonist who attempted to start a colony along the Trinity River.
What was the Plan de Iguala? Declared Mexican people would be united and equal.
What is the treaty of Cordoba? Treaty that ended Spanish rule of Texas.
Texas and Coahuila were united after what event? Mexican Constitution of 1824.
What document made settlers become permanent residents of Texas to receive land? 1825 Mexican Colonization Law.
How could settlers gain land after the State Colonization Law of 1825 took place? Through an Empresario.
Who was the individual that told Moses Austin that his request to colonize in Texas had been approved? Erasmo Seguin
Who was the first man to gain permission from Spain to bring Anglo American settlers into Texas? Moses Austin
What year did Moses Austin get permission to settle families in Texas? 1821
What event doubled the size of the United States in 1803? Louisiana Purchase
What country was the first to start the empresario system? Spain
What term is used for someone who had been granted permission to settle families in Texas under Spanish and Mexican rule? Empresario
What is a person called if they settle somewhere illegally? Filibuster
What was a part of Mexican methods of settlement? Colonization Laws
Why was Martin de Leon's colony given preference over others? He was a native Mexican.
Who did Moses Austin meet with to gain permission for a settlement? Baron de Bastrop
How did Mexico attract settlers? With cheap land
What were some problems Stephen F. Austins colony faced? Drought, Native American raids, crop failures
What kind people were not encouraged to move to Texas? Gamblers and Criminals
Created by: RyanCrews
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