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The Story of Keesh

Gale a very strong wind
Grapple wrestle
Off often
Aghast shocked
Mock a joke
Presumption the act of doing something without the right or permission to do so
Unprecedented never done before
Intoken a sign of
Arrogance an exaggerated sense of one's importance
Carcasses the dead bodies of animals
Entrials guts
Declined turned down
Merit value
Exceeded went beyond
Prosperity wealth
Taxed confronted
Hastily on short notice
Cunningly resourcefully
Affirmed agreed
Wrought caused
relived took place of
Bidding asking
Tremulous timid
Composed feeling in control
Blubber fat under the skin of a polar animal
Abated ended
Apportioned divided
Prophetic predicted
Assailed attacked
Contended argued
Corroborated supported
Created by: goncor11214