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Middle Colonies

Middle colonies The “Breadbasket Colonies.” The land in this area made it a place of growth and prosperity. A diverse group of settlers made up the population of the middle colonies.
New York (New Netherland) Leaders: Dutch, People: Henry Hudson, Peter Minuit, Peter Stuyvesant Reasons founded: expand trade Industry: Cattle & grain, Lumber and timber, ironworks
Delaware (New Sweden) Reasons Founded: Expand trade Industry: Tobacco, Shipbuilding Government: Was taken over by New Netherland, later helped out landlocked Pennsylvania.
New Jersey Leaders: John Berkeley, George Carteret People: James Duke of York Reasons founded: Profit from selling land. New York was too large. Divided up into East and West at one point. Industry: Cattle & grain, Ironworks
Pennsylvania Leaders: William Penn Reasons founded: Religious freedom, profit from selling land Industry: cattle & grain, fir, lumber & timber, ironworks
Pennsylvania Religion: Quakers, EVERYONE equal Government: Refused to pay taxes or serve in army, 1701 Charter of Privileges (constitution), self government, a governor an assembly
Cash crop Crop grown to be sold
Conestoga Wagon Horse drawn wagon used to get goods to markets.
Patroon Rents their land to the colony so they can earn money from cash crops and taxes
Apprentice A person who shadows someone’s job for a certain amount of time, until they have that job.
Frontier Outer limits of the colony, causes problems and issues.
Proprietary Colony A colony given to an individual by the King of England
Royal Colony A colony under control of the English King
Pacifists A person who believes that violence and war are unjustifiable.
Henry Hudson Searching for the Northwest Passage
Peter Minuit Was the governor of the colony and he paid the Natives for the island
Peter Stuyvesant Was the Dutch governor of New Netherland and he seized the colony and made it part of New Netherland
James Duke of York Gave some of his land to John Berkeley and George Carteret
William Penn Founded a colony as home to his religious community, the Quakers.
Nathaniel Bacon Started a rebellion in Jamestown charged that Governor William Berkeley was not doing his job
Mercantilism To gain money and wealth, a country has to sell more goods than they bought ( Import and Export theory )
Navigation Acts Laws to control colonial trade Colonists must use English built ships Goods (ex. tobacco, indigo, and cotton) could only be sold in England
Navigation Acts Cont'd Colonists could only buy English-made goods Any other products bought or sold from somewhere else had to be shipped out and taxed Bad thing for colonists
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