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Chapter 5

Vocab, Chronology, P.I.R.A.T.E.S

Yao Legendary emperor of the golden age
Xia Legendary dynasty in China
Yu Legendary emperor in ancient China; known for "controlling" floods
Zhou Chinese dynasty;know for intellectual achievements
Shang Chinese dynasty;know mostly from their bronze work
Chronology 5000-3000 BCE Yangshao society
Chronology 2200-1766 BCE Xia Dynasty
Chronology 1766-1122 BCE Shang Dynasty
Chronology 1122-256 BCE Zhou Dynasty
Chronology 403-221 BCE Period of Warning States
Book of Changes Manual instructing diviners in the art of foretelling future
Book of Songs Collections of verses of themes(light and serious)
Mandadte of Heaven Ancient Chinese belief and philosophical idea that granted emperors the right to rule, based on ability to govern good and fairly
Legitimacy the lawfulness/authenticity of something
Conspicuous Standing out as to be clearly visible
Mariners Sailors
Scribes Someone who copies documents
Secular denoting anything that has no religious or spiritual basis
Yangzi River the longest river in Asia; third longest in the world
Yellow River 3rd longest river in Asia
Political (Xia Dynasty) *King Yu-hero of river floods, dynasty founder *hereditary monarchial rule
Interactions w/ Environment Xia Dynasty *Yellow River valley *agriculture
Religion Xia Dynasty Worshiped ancestors
Art & Architecture Xia Dynasty *Excavations at Banpo village *Palace *Bronze Foundry *Pottery Workshops *Bone tools
Technology Xia Dynasty *bronze weapons *metallurgy *flood control
Economy Xia Dynasty *Water source at high plateau of Tibet
Society Xia Dynasty
POLITICAL (Shang Dynasty) *Military *political allies *monopolized - ruling elite
INTERACTIONS w/ ENVIRONMENT (Shang Dynasty) *agriculture *Yellow River valley
RELIGION (Shang Dynasty) *Buried emperors w/ valuables *worshipped ancestors=
ART & ARCHITECTURE (Shang Dynasty) *tombs *walls
TECHNOLOGY (Shan Dynasty) *writing system *metallurgy (Bronze) *horse chariots *carts *wagons
ECONOMY (Shang Dynasty) *Trade
SOCIETY (Shang Dynasty) Agricultural viliages
Political (Zhou Dynasty) *princes & relatives ruled regions -- had to maintain honor, harmony
Interactions w/ Environment (Zhou Dynasty) *agriculture
Religion (Zhou Dynasty) *believed natural disasters were related to heavenly affairs *Mandate of Heaven
Art & Architecture (Zhou Dynasty)
Technology (Zhou Dynasty) *Iron weapons
Economy (Zhou Dynasty)
Society (Zhou Dynasty) *small districts *the Warring States(403-221 BCE)
Chu An autonomous state to the south of the Zhou state
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