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Civil War Test

President Lincoln believed it was illegal for states to_____ Secede from the union
Former slave who encouraged Lincoln to recruit other former slave to fight for the Union Fredrick Douglass
The opening shots of the war were fired here Fort Sumter
In the Gettysburg address Lincoln promoted the concept of what? Basic democracy and equality for all
Before the EP was issued the primary goal of the North was to preserve what? The Union
The EP freed all slaves in these states Rebelling States
The turning point of the Civil War was the Confederate loss at this battle Gettysburg
A key Union stratagy A naval blockade of the South
A key confederate strategy was to divide the Union along The Mississippi River
Where did General Lee surrender to General Grant on April 9, 1865 Appomattox Court House, VA
South Carolina was the first state to secede because of this election Election of 1860
He won presidency in 1860 and opposed the expansion of slavery Lincoln
Lee urged southerners to: Reconcile and rejoin the USA
Failed compromises, Uncle Tom's cabin, and ineffective presidential leadership in the 1850's are examples of what? Causes of the civil war
The EP was issued during the Civil War and allowed for the enlistment of ________ soldiers in the Union Army. African American
Returning confederate soldiers were _____ able to find jobs in the industrial factories of the South Not
During the Civil War these men struggled with: Destruction of their homes, lives with disabilities, the harsh realities of war, and brutal hand to hand combat. Soldiers
This was the first major land engagement of the war, took place near Mananas and was a surprising Confederate victory. The First Battle of Bull Run
The pre-Civil war economy of the Southern states was based on this kind of farming: Plantation Farming
This political party was established in 1854 in the opposition to the spread of slavery: Republican Party
He led the raid and attempted slave uprising at Harper's Ferry, VA John Brown
She wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, a best-selling novel that greatly influenced Northern attitudes towards slavery. Harriet Beecher Stowe
When Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand," he meant the nation could not continue as: Half slave states and half free
Slave revolts in the South led to the passage of strict: Fugitive Slave Laws
In the case of Dred Scot Vs. Standford the supreme court Ruled it unconstitutional to ban slavery in territories
_______Was the US Senator who proposed popular sovereignty Stephen Douglas
Confederate forces were low on saltpeter, a primary ingredient in gunpowder, and resorted to _________ to make up for the shortage. Collecting Urine
The Battle of Shiloh was a major Union victory underneath the leadership of who? Ulysses S. Grant
The battlefield where Pickett chose to attack was _______ long 1250 yards
At one point in the Civil War game the South was forced to walk. This represents what? Disadvantage in not having railroads
This was a staple in both diets of the troops and often infested with weevils: Hardtack
The type of tent that was used by the armies: Wedge Tent
What made a wedge tent: Canvas, 2 y-sticks and a center pole
Steroscopic means: 3D
Created by: 16esmith