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Revolutionary War

Road to Revolutionary War Study Stack

Who controlled the profitable fur trade in the Ohio River Valley? The British
Did the Indians increase or decrease the conflict as the colonist moved west? Increase
What was the Pontiac War? It was a war that caused the colonist colonist to not cross the "line" into the Ohio Valley.
What were the colonist forbidden to do? They were forbidden to live west of the Appalachians Mountains.
What happened the the law (The Proclamation of 1763) and what did the colonist do? The British didn't enforce it so they colonist ignored the law.
What is smuggling? It is Importing or exporting illegal good or without paying taxes
What is the Writs of Assistance? It is documents used to search for smuggled goods anywhere at anytime
What is Vice-admiralty Courts? It is No juries; burden of proof is on the accused
What happened to the British after the war? They were faced with a huge debt.
Who presented the American Revenue Act? George Grenville
What was the first law specifically designed to raise money in the colonies for the crown? The Sugar Act
What is one thing the Sugar Act did? (Hint: importing) They placed new import duties and doubled other import duties
How much money did the stamp act bring in? about 45,000 "money" per year
Who came up with "no taxation without representation?" James Otis
Who led the way in protest of British policies? Boston, MA
What(who) established Committees of Correspondence? "No taxation without representation" (James Otis)
What is the Committees of Correspondence that they established? It was practically their social media
What is the non-importation agreements that James Otis wrote? It is to not bring things into the country if they were gonna be taxed
Who passed the Quartering act? Thomas Gage
Who was Thomas Gage? He was the commander of all British troops in America
What did the colonist have to do for the British? Colonists had to provide barracks(shelter) and supplies for British troops during the war
Did the colonist like the British staying with them during the war? Why or why not? No because the British was already taxing them and fighting in war and then the colonist had to help them even more by providing shelter and supplies.
What was the bad thing that happened in New York? (Quartering Act) New York assembly refused to comply so the Parliament suspended the New York assembly’s legislative powers
What kind of tax was the Sugar Act? Indirect tax (the buyers didn't know how much the tax is)
What kind of tax was the Stamp Act? Direct tax (the first one) (the buyers knew how much tax they were paying)
What did they tax in the Stamp Act? They taxed legal documents, newspapers, pamphlets, broadsides
What happened to the British during the Stamp Act and what were they trying to do the colonies? They were loosing control so they tried to weaken the colonies to gain back control.
What did the colonist fear during the Stamp Act? They feared that Britain would tax them more and this was the only first of many taxes.
What did the Stamp act affect? It affected influential groups: lawyers, printers, merchants
What is the Virginia Resolutions? It is Virginia had the sole power to tax Virginians.
Who made a "Treason" speech? Patrick Henry
What was Patrick Henry's Treason speech on? He spoke about how people should be held accountable for their bad actions.
What did people do to the Stamp Agents? They started violence to intimidate the stamp agents to give up their post
What happened, later, to the Stamp Act? The Stamp Act was repealed in 1766 after British exports to America dropped 13% in one year
What was passed(and who passed it) the same day the Stamp Act was repealed? The Declaratory Act was passed by the Parliament
What did the Declaratory Act mean? The British were meaning that it is not over and that they should have war. Also, to show that "the king is still in charge"
What did the Declaratory Act state? It stated that Parliament had the right to tax and make decisions for the British colonies “in all cases”
Who is in charge of the Townshend Acts? Chancellor of the Exchequer or Charles Townshend
What did the Parliament recognize during the Townshend Acts? They realized that the direct taxes weren't working
What imported good were taxed during the Townshend Acts? glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea
What happened to the merchants during the Townshend Acts? They got really mad because they weren't getting any money since the colonist weren't importing goods
What happened to the Townshend Acts in the end? The Townshend Acts were repealed although the tea taxes were kept
What were two reasons the taxes on tea were not repealed? (SHORT ANSWER QUESTION) 1. Everyone would still buy it if it had taxes on it 2. To show that the British government is still in charge
What were two regiments in the Boston Massacre? The Loyalist and (...)
What did the regiments do in the Boston Massacre? They were two British groups sent to the colonies (Boston)
What happened to the relationship with the British soldiers and the colonist over time? Their relationship grew more tense
How many citizens were killed in the Boston Massacre? 5
Who was arrested in the Boston Massacre? Captain Thomas Preston and 8 British soldiers
Who defended the people that were accused for murder in the Boston Massacre? John Adams and Josiah Quincy
What happened to two people in the Boston Massacre? They were convicted of manslaughter, branded and released
Once the first shot was fired in the Boston Massacre, what did all the other soldiers do? They all fired back as taught to do while training to be a soldier
What did the Tea Act cause? They Boston Tea Party
What is the company that sold tea to the colonist? The British East India Company
What did the Parliament do for the BEIC first? They made it easier for them to ship the tea but they still weren't selling much because of the taxes
What did the Parliament do for the BEIC second? Parliament gave the BEIC the right to ship tea to the colonies without paying most of the taxes on tea so they could sell more tea
What kind of pricing was the BEIC tea at? The price of BEIC tea was lower than other tea in the colonies
Three tea ships arrived in Boston in November, 1773 causing what? Boston Tea Party
When the ships arrived in the harbor what happened? People demanded the ships leave without unloading the tea
Who demanded the ships leave without unloading the tea? The Sons of Liberty
What happened when the ships were trying to leave the harbor after being told to leave? Someone refused to allow the ships to leave without paying import duties?
Who refused to allow the ships to leave without paying import duties? Governor Thomas Hutchinson
What was two choses that the ships had? (during the Boston Tea Party) They could either leave the harbor and pay the taxes without unloading the tea or they could stay in the colonies risk their own safety, and not pay the taxes?
What happened to the ships after 20 days without making a choice? The cargo was seized by people dressing up as Indians and going on the ship
In detail what happened to the ships after not making a choice within 20 days? The cargo was seized and on December 16, 8,000 people assembled in the Old South Church. Samuel Adams gave the signal to a group of organized and disciplined men(dressed as Indians) systematically dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor
Who called it the Intolerable Acts? The colonist
What was another name for the Intolerable Acts? Coercive Acts
What is the Boston Port Bill? Closed the Boston Harbor until the BEIC and customs were compensated for the losses incurred during the Boston Tea Party (no ships come in; no ships go out)
During the Boston Port Bill, when was the port reopened? It did not open port until the BEIC was damaged; recovered; and the taxes were paid
What was the Administration of Justice Act? It was if a fair trial of a British official could not be achieved in Boston, the trial would be moved to England
What was the Massachusetts Government Act? Virtually annulled the Massachusetts charter. Town Meetings could only be held with consent of the governor, and approved agenda
What does annulled mean? It never happened (like something happened but those people didn't actually want it to happen so the government annuls it or makes is as though it never happened)
What did the do Quebec Act? 1. It provided a permanent civil government for Canada 2. It extended Canada’s border south to the Ohio River
What was the First Continental Congress? It was the carpenters hang out place (carpenter hall)
Who, when, and where did these people meet for the First Continental Congress? 12 colonies (except Georgia) sent 56 delegates to Philadelphia’s Carpenter Hall in September, 1774
What did General Thomas Gage do during the "British Troops on the Move"? He decided to attack a colonial militia supply depot in Concord, MA
What and who did Thomas Gage order to do what? General Thomas Gage ordered Lt. Col. Francis Smith to lead 700 British troops out of Boston to Concord (during the night so that they get there in the morning)
What was the Committee of Safety sole job? It was to spy on the British army. (how many were there? where did they go? etc.)
What was the Committee of Safety system to alert people? 1 light in the church the British are going by land and 2 lights the British are going by sea
Who set out to tell people that the British are coming? Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Dr. Samuel Prescott
What happened during The Battle of Lexington? 700 British soldiers came marching up to 70 colonist “soldier” (Nobody knows who or which side shot first) Once the first shot was fired the British started firing and the colonist ran;8 died 10 wounded(colonist soldiers)
When did Lt. Col Smith’s forces reached Lexington? At dawn
70 Minutemen were waiting under the command of who? Capt. John Parker
At the end of The Battle of Lexington what happened? The British reformed and continued on to Concord
What did the British soldiers destroy? They destroyed some gun carriages, tools, flour, and a liberty pole
What happened as the British soldiers were at North Bridge? American forces attacked them
During “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World…” how many people were killed, wounded, and went missing on each side? British (273): 73 killed, 174 wounded, 26 missing American (93): 49 killed, 39 wounded, 5 missing
Created by: kkmcleod
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