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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 China

Yangshao society time period? 5000–3000 B.C.E.
Xia Dynasty time period? 2200–1766 B.C.E.
Shang Dynasty time period? 1766–1122 B.C.E.
Zhou Dynasty time period? 1122–256 B.C.E.
Period of the Warring States? 403–221 B.C.E.
Importance of Yellow River? Helpful, rich soil
Define China's sorrow? Large scale flooding
Founder of Xia Dynasty? King Yu
Benefit of the Mandate of Heaven? Benefit = Right to rule/govern
Who had the privilege of the Mandate of Heaven? Good or pure leaders
Name for ruler in the Zhou Dynasty? "Son of Heaven"
Majority of population? Peasants
Workers for elites? Artisans and craftsmen
Who were the laborers? Peasants without land
What were working opportunities for women at the time? Wine making, weaving, and silkworm raising
Majority of slave population? Prisoners of war (POWs)
Who was King Shun? Sage king who "made" the four seasons.
Who was King Yao? A modest and sincere sage king.
Define loeff. A fine powder like soil that was deposited in China and other parts of the world.
What was Ao? An early capital of the Shang Dynasty?
What was Yin? A capital during the final years of the Shang Dynasty?
Define merchant (easy): A person who makes money buying/selling goods.
Define kingdom (easy): A country ruled by or king or queen.
Define caravan (easy): A group of travelers journeying traveler.
Who was Zheng He? A Chinese explorer who explored part of Africa.
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