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Ch. 4 Section 4

Important people, events and places

General Edward Braddock He was Commander-in-chief of the British forces in America. His mission was to drive the French out of the Ohio Valley. He refused Washington's advice and was killed.
Seven Year's War It was a war in Europe where Britain and Prussia declared war on France. The British fought in the Caribbean, India, and North America.
William Pitt He was Secretary of State and Prime Minister of Britain. He was a great military planner. He decided that Britain would pay for he war, but raised the colonists' taxes after the war. He wanted to conquer French Canada.
Jeffery Amherst He led some British troops in North America and Captured Montreal.
James Wolfe He led 1,800 British troops to attack Quebec, and died in battle. His scouts found a poorly guarded path that they used to get up to the Plains of Abraham to defeat the French.
Treaty of Paris 1763 France had to give Britain Canada and the lands east of the Mississippi. Spain gave Britain Florida. Spain received Franc's lands west of the Mississippi. It ended France's power in North America.
Pontiac's War 1763 Pontiac and his allies captured Detroit and British outposts and killed settlers around Pennsylvania and Virginia. The war ended in 1765 with the British winning and pardoning him when he signed a peace treaty.
Proclamation of 1763 This set the Appalachian Mountains as a temporary western boundary. It caused conflicts between Britain and the colonists.
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