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Chapter 5


What did the Yellow River provide? Rich soil that was soft and easy to work with
What is China's Sorrow? Extensive flooding that happened
Time period of the Yangshao society? 5000-3000 B.C.E.
When was the Xia dynasty established? About 2200 B.C.E.
Who was the " founder" of the Xia dynasty? King Yu, a hero of the flood control
Erlitou was possibly the... The capital city of Xia
Time period of the Shang dynasty? 1766-1122 B.C.E.
Where did the Shang dynasty arise? In the Southern and Eastern of the Xia realm
How many times did the Shang capital move? About 6 times
Another state besides Shang was... Sanxingdui
Time period of the Zhou dynasty? 1122-256 B.C.E.
The Mandate of Heaven gave... The right to rule
The Mandate of Heaven was only provided to... Virtuous rulers
Who was considered the ruler in the Zhou dynasty? " The son of heaven"
Who ruled in the regions of the Zhou dynasty? Used princes and relatives
Iron metallurgy spread through China in... The first millennium B.C.E.
Who '' sacked'' the Zhou capital? A Nomadic invasion in 711 B.C.E.
What was the time period of the Warring States? 403-221 B.C.E.
The last king abdicated his position in... 256 B.C.E.
What social class was the majority of the population? Peasants
Who was part of "The Ruling Elites''? Hereditary aristocrats with extensive landholding and administrative and military offices
Who mostly worked for elites? Free artisans and craftsmen
Who provided labour? Landless peasants
Women's work? Wine making, weaving, silkworm raising
Slaves were mostly... War prisoners
Early dynasties ruled through... Family and Kinship groups
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