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World history level 1

BCE Before common era
Soothing Very relaxing
Splendors Magnificent
Glimpses Seeing something for a split second
Vast Wide spread
Edible Something you can eat and digest
Reduced Not as much
Population The amount of people somewhere
Scanvengers Hunts for things
Carrion Decaying flesh
Tribe A group of people that work together
Generationgs Multiple lines of people in a family
Adapting Getting used to something
Enabling Making able
Staved Prevent something dangerous
Meager Lacking in quantity or quality
Sparse Spread out
Prey The hunted
Salvation Saving
Scares Very little
Perish To die
Stalks Follows
Crop Something you plant
Harvesting Gathering the crops
Millennia Million years
Descendants Generations
Retreated To stop fighting
Wake Within something
Fertile Capable to nourish
Crude Rude
Withers Moving
Observations Something you see
Crucial Important
Irrigated Waters
Discarded Thrown away
Compost Pile of waste
Grazes Slowly chews
Effect Something happens from a cause
Cultivate Get something
Haphazardly Tilted
Nutrient Something good for you in foods
Region An area
Cresent A part of something
Terraces A slope
Millet A type of grass
Tilled Loosened to grow something
Abstract Made up or not real
Manipulte The control of
Wreck Destroy
Havoc Comotion
Predict Tell the future
Oral With your mouth
Precise Exact
Stonehenge Rocks
Alligned In a certain order
Solstice Tells the seasons
Vital Important
Annual Every year
Meal Grains with water
Nearly Not quite enough
Plentiful More that enough
Famine A crop completely dies out
Drought Long period of time without something
Created by: Jkack16
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