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Ch. 5 note cards

dynasty of china

Natural Barriers landforms that isolate a country from another like the great wall of China.
Dynasty A line of kings or rulers that have been ruling that certain place for a certain amount of years
Huang He River the yellow river "Chinas Sorrow "
Ancestor Worship it is a belief that dead ancestors had power over living familys.
Tings it is an ornate bronze bowl that was used to cook meals or food
Oracle a message given to a person thought to be a phropet or or a god
Oracle bones pieces of bones or shells that priests heated with a hot metal
Pictographs pictures that are used in place of words
Classic something that has been around for a certain amount of years
Confucians Classics a collection of teaching
Confucius it is a scholar or teacher
Ancient China it was hidden for thousands of years by natural barriers
Tibet has some of the biggest mountains in the world
The Chinese it was developed bronze smithing around a thousand years
Scholar a person that had to have a thorough knowledge of poetry
The Shang Dynasty it lasted from 1766-1122 B.C.
The Chou dynasty it was the longest living dynasty
Confucius a believe that a peaceful society
what was the yellow river for the Ancient Chinese? It was a water source at high plateau
There where 2 Neolithic societys after the 5000 BCE Period who where they? 1) Yangshao society, who lived during 5000 BCE to 3000 BCE 2) and also the Excavations at Banpo village
Created by: oscar2019