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SS - Explorers

TEST 10/20 - European Explorers

Christopher Columbus home country Italy
Christopher Columbus sponsor country Spain
Christopher Columbus reason for exploration Looking for a faster route to Asia
Christopher Columbus obstacles to exploration (4 obstacles) 1. Scared crew 2. Unknown land 3. No maps 4. Native Americans
Christopher Columbus accomplishment of exploration Finding America for Europe
Christopher Columbus three ships 1. Santa Maria 2. Nina 3. Pinta
Christopher Columbus sailed in the year ______ 1492
Vasco Nunez de Balboa home country Spain
Vasco Nunez de Balboa sponsor country Spain
Vasco Nunez de Balboa reason for exploration Looking for GOLD
Vasco Nunez de Balboa obstacles to exploration (2 obstacles) 1. Crossing jungles 2. Mountains of Panama
Vasco Nunez de Balboa accomplishment of exploration First European to reach the Pacific Ocean from the East
Juan Ponce de Leon home country Spain
Juan Ponce de Leon sponsor country Spain
Juan Ponce de Leon reasons for exploration (2 reasons) 1. Looked for riches 2. Looked for the "fountain of youth"
Juan Ponce de Leon obstacles to exploration (1 obstacles) Fighting Native Americans
Juan Ponce de Leon accomplishments of exploration (2 accomplishments) 1. First European in Florida 2. Discovered the Gulf Stream
Juan Ponce de Leon claimed this region as a territory of Spain Florida
John Cabot home country Italy
John Cabot sponsor country England
John Cabot reason for exploration Looking for a faster route to Asia
John Cabot obstacles to exploration (2 obstacles) 1. Didn't have maps 2. Didn't know what he would find
John Cabot accomplishment of exploration Explored the eastern coast of Canada
Jacques Cartier home country France
Jacques Cartier sponsor country France
Jacques Cartier reasons for exploration (2 reasons) 1. Looking for Northwest Passage 2. GOLD
Jacques Cartier obstacles to exploration (3 obstacles) 1. Very cold winter 2. No sailing route/map 3. Disease
Jacques Cartier accomplishments of exploration (2 accomplishments) 1. Explored eastern Canada 2. St. Lawrence River
Henry Hudson home country England
Henry Hudson sponsor country Netherlands
Henry Hudson reason for exploration Looking for Northwest Passage
Henry Hudson obstacles to exploration (3 obstacles) 1. No route 2. Cold weather 3. Crew mutant in Hudson Bay
Henry Hudson accomplishments of exploration (2 accomplishments) 1. Found Hudson River 2. Found Hudson Bay
French trading posts are where the French traded and became friends with __________ _____________ Native Americans
Spanish ______________ killed many Native Americans Conquistadors
_________ and __________ spread Christianity French and Spanish
Many Native Americans died from __________ and __________ Fighting and disease
Native Americans showed Europeans how to grow these FOUR crops Tobacco, corn, pumpkin, and beans
Powhatan and people of _______ had many conflicts over the land in Virginia Jamestown
Powhatan and people of Jamestown made peace for a short time when Pocahontas married ____________ ___________ John Rolfe
Wampanoag Indians and the people of _________ shared a feast, which we now celebrate with Thanksgiving Plymouth
John Rolfe taught the people of Jamestown how to grow the cash crop, _____________ Tobacco
____________ __________'s ship was stuck in ice in Hudson Bay for a whole winter Henry Hudson
The ____________ succeeded in growing crops in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, so many more of them left England and moved there. Puritans
We call this place ____ __________ because so many people from England moved there New England
The people of the "Lost Colony of ___________" did not adapt to their colony in North Carolina. They disappeared and we don't know what happened to them! Roanoke
Pilgrims learned to grow crops, hunt, and fish from ____________, a Wampanoag Indian. Squanto
Almost half of the people in Jamestown died from _____________ or ___________ Disease or starvation
About half o the pilgrims died during their first winter in Plymouth because it was too cold to grow crops and they didn't know how to ______. Hunt
Trading back and forth of knowledge and items between Europe and the New World Columbian Exchange
Short cut to cut through North America to get to Asia - we now know this doesn't exist!` Northwest Passage
People who SEPARATED from the Church of England and set up their own churches Separatists
These people sailed to American on the Mayflower Pilgrims
Pilgrims set up a town in Massachusetts called __________ Plymouth
Pilgrims had the first written plan for government in North America called the ____________ ______________ Mayflower Compact
Group of people from the Church of England who wanted their religion to be more PURE. Puritans
The Puritans called their settlement in Massachusetts the _________________ ________ colony Massachusetts Bay
Land owned by France was ______ ___________ New France
New France was named Louisiana for ______ _______ ____ King Louis XIV
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