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Prechallenge Timelin

C1 WK 1 Age of ancient empire creation-circa 450 AD, Creation and the fall , The flood and the tower of babel, Mesopotamia and Sumer, Egyptians 3000 BC., Indus river valley civilization, Minoans and the Mycenaeans
C1 WK 2 Seven wonders of the ancient world, Patriarchs of Israel 2000 BC., Hittites Caananites, Kush, Assyrians, Babylonians, China Shang dynasty
C1 WK 3 Hinduism in India, Phoenicians and the alphabet, Olmecs of Mesoamerica, Israelite Exodous and desert wandering, Israelite conquest and judges , Greek dark Ages, Israel’s united kingdom
C1 WK 4 Early Native Americans, Israel Divides into two kingdoms, Homer and Hesiod, Rome founded by Romulus and Remus, Israel falls to Assyria, Assyria falls to Babylon, Lao-Tzu, Confucious, Buddha
C1 WK 5 Judah falls to Babylon temple destroyed, Babylon falls to Persia, Jews return and rebuild the temple, Roman Republic, Golden Age of Greece, Peloponnesian war, Persia falls to Alexander the great
C1 WK 6 India’s Mauryan Empire, Myans of Mesoamerica, Punic Wars, Rome Conquers Greece, Roman Dictator Julius Caesar, Caesar Augustus and the Pax Romana, John the Baptist.
C1WK7 Jesus the Messiah, Year one AD ,Pentecost and the Early Church, Persecution spreads the Gospel
C1 WK8 Jesus the Messiah Year one AD ,Pentecost and the Early Church, Persecution spreads the Gospel, Herods temple destroyed by Titus, Diocletion divides the Roman empire, Constantine legalizes Christianity, India’s Gupta Dynasty.
C1 WK 9 Council of Nicea, Augustine of Hippo, Jerome completes the Vulgate, Visigoths sack Rome, The middle ages circa 450 to circa 1500, Council of Chalcedon, Western Roman empire falls to Barbarians.
C1 WK 10: Japans Heian Period, Charlemagne crowned emperor of Europe, Alfred the great of England, Erick the Red and Leif Erickson Norse Explorers, Vladimir I of Kiev, Byzantine Emperor Basil II, East and west Schism of the church.
C1 WK 11: Norman conquest and Feudalism in Europe, The crusades, Zimbabwe and early Mali in Africa, Aztecs of Mesoamerica, Francis of Assisi and Thomas Aquinas, Japan’s Showgun’s, Incas of South America
C1 WK 12: Genghis Kahn rules the Mongols, England’s Magna Carta, Ottoman Empire, Marco Polo’s journey to China, The hundred years war and black death, The renaissance, China’s Ming dynasty
C1 WK 13: Age of exploration c. 1400-1600, Prince Henry founds school of navigation, Slave trade in Africa, Gutenberg’s printing press, Songhai in Africa. Czar Ivan the great of Russia, the Spanish inquisition.
C1 WK 14: Columbus sails to the Caribbean, Age of Absolute Monarchs circa 1500-1800, Protestant Reformation, Spanish Conquistadors in the Americas, Calvin’s institute of the Christian religion, Council of Trent, Baroque period of the arts.
C1 WK 15: Japans isolation, Jamestown and Plymouth colony founded, Age of Enlightenment, First great awakening, Classical period of the arts, The seven years’ war.
C1 WK 16: Age of Industry, James cook sails to Australia and Antarctica, American Revolution and General George Washington, Madiisons Constitution and the bill of rights, French Revolution, The second great awakening. Louisiana Purchase and the L & C expidition
C1 WK 17 Napoleon crowned emperor of France, Liberation of South America, The war of 1812, The Missouri Compromise, Immigrants flock to America, The Monroe Doctrine, Romantic Period of the Arts
C1 WK 18 Cherokee trail of tears, U.S westward expansion, Marx publishes the Communist Manifesto, The Compromise of 1850 and the Dred Scott descision, U.S restores trade with Japan, British Queen Victoria's Rule over India,Darwin Publishes the Origin of Species.
C1 WK 19 Lincoln's war between the states, Reconstruction of the southern states, Dominion of Canada, Otto Von Bismarck unifies Germany, Boer wars in Africa, the Spanish- American war, The progressive era
C1 WK 20 Australia becomes a common wealth, the Mexican Revolution, WW1 and President Wilson, Lenin and the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, U.S evangelist Billy Grahm, Modern Period of the Arts, the great depression and the new deal.
C1 WK 21 WWII and President franklin D. Roosevelt, Stalin of the USSR and the Katyn massacure, the United Nations formed, The Cold War, Ghandi and India's independence, Jewish state established, Mao and communist victory in China
C1 WK 22 North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Korean war, MLK jr and the Civil rights movement, Jim and Elizabeth elliot missionaries to Equador, Antarctic treaty, Vietnam war, U.S astronauts walk on the moon
C1 WK 23 Age of info. and globalization, watergate presdient nixon resigns, fall of communism in eastern Europe, European union formed, Apartheid abolished in south Africa, Sep. 11 2001, Rising tide of freedom
C1 WK 24 U.S. presidents
Created by: CHAClarksville
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