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13 Colonies

Who was the first governor of Massachusetts? John Winthrop
Why was Mass. founded? Religious freedom for puritans
What is the difference between Puritans and Separatists? Puritans wanted to purify the Anglican Church, Separatists left the Anglican Church
What is subsistence farming? Only growing enough for the farmer's family
Who founded Rhode Island? Roger Williams
Which New England colony practiced religious tolerance? Rhode Island
Who was Anne Hutchinson? She was banished from Massachusetts for having different ideas from the Puritans
Who founded Connecticut? Thomas Hooker
What was the first constitution written in America? The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Which colony was the only New England colony that was not founded for religious purposes? New Hampshire
What were naval stores? Products for building and maintaining ships
What does mercantilism say was better: to import or to export? Export
What did the triangular trade route take to America? Slaves
Who was Metacomet (King Philip)? A Native American leader who went to war against the English
What were meeting houses? Where Sunday services were held and decisions were voted on
How were the middle colonies different from the New England colonies? They were more diverse and had a longer growing season
What were cash crops? Crops grown to be sold
What was the Conestoga wagon used for? Getting things from landlocked places with no rivers to seaports to be traded
What were patroons? Landowners who were granted land
What were tenant farmers? Farmers who used a patroon's land
What was an apprentice? A person who learned a craft without pay
What was a disadvantage of living on a frontier Less people and worse land
What country owned New York originally? The Netherlands
What was the difference between a royal and proprietary colony A royal colony was under control of the English king. A proprietary colony was given to someone else by the king.
Who took over New Netherland? James the Duke of York
What governor of New Netherland took over New Sweden? Peter Stuyvesant
Why was New Jersey founded? New York was too large
Who founded Pennsylvania? William Penn
Why was Pennsylvania founded? Religious freedom for Quakers, everyone was equal
What is a pacifist? A person who believes that war and violence are unjustifiable
What was the first English colony in America called? Jamestown
Who claimed the land for England that would be used to start Jamestown? John Cabot
Why was the peninsula that the settlers chose to start Jamestown a bad location? It was full of diseases and was surrounded by Native Americans
What leader of Jamestown made the settlers work for food? John Smith
What Native American saved Jamestown from starvation by making peace with settlers? Pocahontas
What cash crop did John Rolfe discover that helped Jamestown earn money? Tobacco
Who did Pocahontas marry? John Rolfe
Did Jamestown have a government? No
What was a joint-stock company? A company with stocks that can be bought
What was the difference between an indentured servant and a slave? Indentured servants were set free in America after a certain number of years, while slaves were property that could be owned and were not set free.
What were burgesses? Representatives who were elected by adult males who were landowners
What did George Calvert (Lord Baltimore) want? He wanted to start a colony for religious freedom for Roman Catholics
Who founded Maryland? Cecil Calvert (George Calvert died before he could start the colony)
Why was Maryland founded? Religious freedom for Catholics
Who was tolerated by the Toleration Act in Maryland? Christians
Who founded Carolina? Eight aristocrats
Who founded Georgia? James Oglethorpe
Why did James Oglethrope want Georgia to be founded? Home for debtors
Why did the king want Georgia to be founded? Protection against Spain
What was not allowed in Georgia? Slavery and alcohol
What were the three major cash crops in the southern colonies? Tobacco, rice, and indigo
What is the difference between urban and rural? Urban describes a city, rural is more spread out with farms
What part of the triangular trade route took slaves to the colonies? The Middle Passage
What were slave codes? Laws in the southern colonies that took rights away from slaves
How was tidewater important to the southern colonies? It made the soil fertile for farming and it made trade easier
Why were there few seaports in the southern colonies? The southern colonies were mostly rural
What was the movement that drove 15,000 Puritans to Massachusetts called? The Great Migration
What didn't Nathaniel Bacon like about Jamestown's government? It refusing to protect against Native Americans
What were the laws that restricted the colonies from trading except to England? Navigation acts
What did the separatists who left England call themselves Pilgrims
Did the English have a good relationship with the Native Americans? No
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