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Chapter 7 Vocab.

Social Studies

Jane Adams She founded Chicago's Hull House with Ellen Gates Starr.
Hull House Founded in 1889, a model for other settlement houses of the time.
Melting Pot A place where cultures, styles, and customs blend.
Chinese Exclusion Act This law banned Chinese immigration for ten years.
Joseph Pulizter Owner of the New York World ( Newspaper )
William Randolph Hearst Owner of the New York Morning Journal ( Newspaper )
Tenement An Apartment that is usually overcrowded and run down.
Ellis Island The first stop for immigrants coming from Europe.
Angel Island The first stop for immigrants coming from Asia.
Steamship An engine vessel powered by steam.
Steerage Usually the lowest part of the ship for the poor.
Statue of Liberty A statue of freedom in New York Harbor.
Kissing Post Where families would meet each other.
Ragtime A blend of African-American songs and European musical forms.
Vaudeville A form of live stage entertainment with a mixture of songs, dance, and comedy.
Mail-Order Catalog A publication that contains pictures and descriptions of items so that people can order by mail.
Urbanization Growth of cites resulting from industrilization.
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