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Chapter 8

The Unification of China

The great historian of China, Sima Qian, suffered from castration because? His view contradicted the emperor's judgment.
Confucius left an enduring mark on Chinese society as? As an educator and political advisor.
Confucius never composed formal writings, but his disciples collected his remarks into a work called the....? Analects.
Mencius, the principal spokesman for the Confucian school, advocated that..? Government should be organized through benevolence and humane action.
Dao means? The force of the cosmos, an eternal and unchanging principle that governs all the workings of the world.
An individual who practiced the Daoist virtue of wuwei would...? Goes with the flow of the cosmos and live in harmony with nature.
To make a strong and powerful state, Legalist ministers would...? They would encourage agricultural cultivation and military service.
Who was the first emperor? Qin Shihuangdi
The First Emperor Qin Shihuangdi ordered...? Ordered the burning of most books.
The great Qin empire only lasted a few years. It was ended by...? By waves of revolts.
Liu Bang did what...? He constructed the most highly decentralized state in China's history up to that point.
Han Wudi, the greatest and most energetic emperor of the Han dynasty, was remembered by later generations? As the "Martial Emperor."
Han Wudi decided to go on the offensive against the Xiongnu primarily because...? He wanted to pacify them and create a central Asian corridor to trade.
After 100 C.E. most Chinese writing was on...? On paper
After Wang Mang usurped the throne of the Han, he attempted to...? Restore the land that had been taken from the royal family.
An event leading to the collapse of the Han dynasty was...? The Yellow Turban uprising
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