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Progressivism: Vocab

U.S. History

Jacob Riis Exposed the slums through photography
Ida Tarbell Revealed Rockefeller; wrote a report condemning business practices of Standard Oil Company
Lincoln Steffens lead muckracker, wrote several articles on city corruption. Published the- Shame of the Cities
Robert M. La Follet progressive governor who desired through ambitious agenda or reforms.
Frances Willard Head of the WCTU, made it a powerful force for temperance and for the rights of women
Carry Nation smashed saloons in Kansas, urged woman to do the same, known in temperance mov. for fiery speeches, dramatic raids
Susan B. Anthony Womans Rights Movement
Upton Sinclair Wrote "The Jungle"
Theodore Roosevelt President
John Muir naturalist who convinced the gov. to preserve Yosemite
Gifford Pinchot conversationalist that wanted to protect the countries national environment
William Howard Taft easy-going, cautious lawyer, had a strained view of presidency
Hiram W. Johnson popular gov. of California
Woodrow Wilson democrat, won election, New Freedom, Federal Reserve Act, Clayton Antitrust Act
Alice Paul activist that formed the Congressional Union for Womens Suffrage
Marcus Garvey Back to Africa Movement
Muckrackers journalists who exposed corruption and problems for society
17th Amendment Allowed American voters to directly elect U.S. senators
Initiative method of allowing voters to propose a new law on the ballot for public approval
Referendum procedure that allows voters to approve or reject laws already proposed or passed by gov.
Recall a vote to remove an official from office
Tenement poorly built, overcrowded housing for immigrants
Prohibition ban on alcohol that became law in 1920, ban was lifted in 1933
Womans Christian Temperance Union reform organization that led the fight against alcohol
18th Amendment prohibition of intoxicating liquids
National American Woman Suffrage Association founded by Cody Stanton and Susan B. Anthony in 1890 to help obtain woman the right to vote
The Jungle muckracking novel written by Upton Sinclair. It exposed horrific working conditions and unsanitary manufacturing
Bully Pulpit platform used to publicize and seek support for important issues
Square Deal Teddy's 1904 campaign slogan, promises fairness in all labor deals
Elkins Act law passed by congress, prohibited railroads from accepting rebates from their best customers
Hepburn Act authorized Interstate commerce commission to set max. railroad rates and gave power to regulate other companies
Meat Inspection Act required Fed. Gov. inspection of meat shipped across state lines
Pure Food and Drug Act forbade manufactured, sale, or transport of food and medicine containing harmful ingredients, required labels
Newlands Reclamation Act allowed Fed. Gov. to build irrigational projects to make marginal land productive
16th Amendment allowed congress to levy taxes based in individuals income
New Freedom Woodrow Wilsons plan of reform, called for tariff reductions, banking reforms, a stronger antitrust legislation
Federal Reserve Act created a central fund from which banks could borrow to prevent collapse during financial panic.
Clayton Antitrust Act prohibited companies from buying the stock of competing companies in order to form a monopoly
19th Amendment gave woman the right to vote
Brownsville Incident accusation of African Americans
NAACP fought for rights of African Americans
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