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COD: History 018

Mid Term 1866-1910

What is a carpet bagger? Men so poor that they could stuff all of their earthly belongings in a single carpet-sided suitcase and swoop southward like buzzards to "fatten on southern misfortune."
What is a scalawag? A term used for runty horses and low-down, good for nothing rascals.
When were the Ku Klux Klan formed? What was their purpose? They were formed in 1866 in Tennessee and used violence against blacks in the form of "the white terror." They went on a rampage of whipping, hanging, shooting, burning, and throat-cutting to defeat Republicans and restore white supremacy.
What was the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871? Made interference with voting rights a felony. It was enforced aggressively. Federal Marshals arrested thousands of Klansmen and came close to destroying the Klan, but it did not end all terrorism against blacks.
What was the Civil Rights Act of 1875? It boldly interfered outlawed racial discrimination in transportation, public accommodations and juries. It was not enforced aggressively and facilities remained segregated throughout the south.
What were the Slaughterhouse Cases of 1873? The Court distinguished between National and State citizenship and ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment protected only those rights that stemmed from the federal government, such as voting in federal elections and interstate travel.
What happened in the United States V. Cruikshank Ruling in 1876? It stated that the reconstruction amendments gave Congress the power to legislate against discrimination only by states, not by individuals.
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