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Colonial America 3-4

US History Chapter Chapter 3 Study Guide

New York City Which of these was originally called New Amsterdam?
New Jersey Which of the following was named after an island in the English Channel?
William Penn He designed the “City of Brotherly Love.”
Charter of Privileges What 1701 document granted Pennsylvania colonists the right to elect legislative representatives?
Delaware William Penn allowed some of Pennsylvania’s southern counties to function as a separate colony called ________.
Quakers This group founded the colony of Pennsylvania
patroon a landowner in New Netherland
pacifist someone who refuses to fight wars
proprietor the sole owner and ruler of a colony
Peter Stuyvesant He surrendered to the English without a fight in 1664
Maryland Which colony was founded as a place for Catholics to practice their religion freely?
indigo What Carolina crop was developed in the 1740s by Eliza Lucas?
Georgia Which of these colonies was established as a place for debtors to make a fresh start?
"Charles's Land" The word “Carolina” is Latin for
Maryland and Pennsylvania Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon determined the border between these two colonies.
Indentured ____________________ servants were settlers who paid for their passage to America by working without pay for a period of time.
Virginia Bacon’s Rebellion was a revolt against the government of the ____________________ colony.
Africa People from the continent of ____________________ were enslaved in the Southern Colonies.
Native Americans In 1676 Nathaniel Bacon led a series of attacks against villages inhabited by ______________________________.
Georgia Founded in 1733, ____________________ was the last English colony established in North America.
debtor A person or country that owes money
Nathaniel Bacon He lead a rebellion against the governor of Virginia
constitution a list of fundamental laws to support a government
James Oglethorpe He founded the colony of Georgia
Created by: Ms Plyler
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